According to family tradition, this is the same family as Col.
Richard Anderson, who was at one time on the staff of Gen­eral George 
Washington. and of Major (later General) Robert Anderson. who held Fort
Sumter at the start of the Civil War. This family is often referred to 
as the "Hanover Andersons."

The first of this family in America. came to Virginia in 1635 on the 
ship "Merchants Hope." He was Richard Anderson. For several generations
they lived in Virginia. Then John Thomas Anderson, born 1819, son of 
William Anderson and Susannah Compton of Prince William County. Va., 
moved first to Franklin County. Ohio. in 1834 and then to Madison 
County. Ohio. in 1837.

John was married three times. first to Elizabeth Welch in 1841. second 
to Anor Jackson (1815-1882) and third to Maria Johnson. Maybush. He was
a prosperous farmer and lived in the village of Lilly Chapel. Madison 
County. Ohio.

John Thomas Anderson (1819-1903) and Elizabeth Welch Anderson's son, 
William Welch Anderson. was born in 1842. He was married January 13. 
1870. to Ann Jennie Vestal, daughter of William and Timmons Vestal. 
Quakers from Pennsylvania. Near the start of the Civil War. W. W. 
Anderson enlisted and served in Company C 88th Ohio Volunteer
Infantry and received his honorable discharge July 3.1865.

He started moving west stopping at Bushnell. Ill., and then homesteaded
in Nebraska in 1878. By 1890 he brought his wife and five children to 
Mt. Vernon. Ill. He bought a farm on Salem Road. the present location
of Mt. Vernon Glass Co. He ran a small truck garden and worked for a time 
in the Mt. Vernon Car Shops. He was appointed overseer of highways of
Jefferson County and was commissioned city marshal of Mt. Vernon
May 2. 1901. He died December 23. 1901 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery 
near his wife Ann Jennie who died Janu­ary 24. 1919. Their children

Frank Vestal Anderson. 1871-1919. who married Lulu Lenora Barr. Their 
children were Ennis Vestal. 1894-1915:

Norval Eugene born Sept. 14. 1897 and now living in La Grange. Ill..
and working as a consulting engineer for the Chi­cago Sanitary District.
He first married Lilla Turner and fol­lowing her death married Ruth Barr:
and Lulu Jennie, 1900­1914.

Fannie Elizabeth Anderson. 1872-1965. married Grant Dalby. They had one
daughter. Ghita. who married William Kirby. Fannie taught school many 
years in Centralia.

Harry Herbert Anderson. 1875-1957. married Gail Moss at Mt. Vernon on 
May 16. 1896. Their three children were: Roy Robert: Venita: and
Jackylin. William Guy Anderson. 1878-1947. was born in Fall City.
Neb. From 1911 to 1921 he lived in Mt. Vernon at 529 S. 19th St. while 
he worked at his trades of boiler maker and steamfit­ter. In 1921 he 
bought Sunny Brook Farm. about 68 acres north of Mt. Vernon. which he 
operated as a dairy farm until 1942. He also owned and operated the 
Green Farm on Opdyke Road near Fisher's Lane. from 1931 to 1937. In 
1942. he gave up farming and moved to Mt. Vernon. where he operated a 
small business until his death. He was married to Winnie Gertrude Reid. 
daughter of G.W. Reid. of Mt. Vernon. She died April 17. 1964. Their 
children were:

Crete. born June 4. 1904. married to Roy Franklin Wooden. son of W. T. 
Wooden. and have seven children. Harvey E. and Doris Jones. who have
one daughter Virginia: Charles Wendle married Jo Bagget and they have 
three daughters. Vicki, Sherri Stein and Tammy; Natilie married Norris
Sanders and have two daughters Ella and Sue; Wesley married Viola Joan 
Wood and have four children: Mary married William Milner Jr., and have 
five children: Bert married Marjorie Lee. have two children and live on
the home place on Richview Road; Martha died at the age of six.

Marie attended Normal University. Normal, Illinois. She received a 
bachelors degree in education and taught home economics at Gilman
High School, Lewistown High School, Cisne High School and Mt. Vernon's 
Zadok Casey Junior High School. retiring in 1970.

William Dale married Marcella Johnston and they have three children: 
Winnie Neone married Ernest Ivan Moss of Mt. Vernon. They have three 
daughters: Lois Joan who mar­ried John Henry Kent and have three 
children: Ella Mae died in infancy. Sue Elaine who married Owen Martin 
Henn and have two children, Troy married Naomi Weatherford and have
four children; Doris Elaine, 1913-1915: Elva Lora married S. Lee Dennis
and had three sons: James K. married to Mary Leah Fickel and have three 
daughters: Dr. Robert Lee married to Linda Hartman and have two 
children; and John Thomas; George Reid, born December 14. 1920. died 
during his senior year at Mt. Vernon Township High School September
18. 1939. - Joan Kent

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

Source: Facts and Folks of Jefferson County, Illinois Page 74 
Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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