The family pioneer started in 1638 from England to New England; then in
1821 came by winding trails and over prairie to picturesque Jefferson 
County. Mt. Vernon, Illinois, had 18 or 20 log cabins clustered around 
the central square, and its Court House, itself a log cabin with a 
fireplace and one window. From Mt. Vernon trails led to Benton, 
Illinois, County seat of Franklin County.

In Northern Township Frank E. Alexander was born. He was known as a 
prominent farmer. He married Sarah Davis. Their family consisted of L. 
O. Alexander, Ed, Willie, Everett, Della (Payne) and Joe. Mr. Alexander's 
health began to fail, and he moved to East Washington Street in Benton, Ill. 
He owned a grocery store and operated it until his death in 1927. He lived 
to be 72 years old. He was buried in Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, between 
Benton and Ewing, Illinois. Sarah Davis' grandfather built a two story log 
cabin in 1800 on Sugar Creek, the oldest house in Athens County, Ohio. The 
house is still standing, with a tablet over the door. placed by the Athens 
Colony of New England women,
1938 - "Built by Reuben J. Davis."

L. O. Alexander married Gertrude Jane Mansell in 1899; parents of three
children, Sarah Gladys. Leah Mae and Gaylord L. Leah married Dr. C. E. 
Pavey. She passed away November 3, 1935. Gaylord passed away March 9th,
1973. Gladys married Leland R. Hutson. Gertrude Jane was Royal Neighbor
District Deputy of three counties for twenty five years until her death
March 9th, 1951.

In 1905 L. O. Alexander moved his family from a farm near Liberty 
Baptist Church in Franklin County, to Mt. Vernon, Illinois. He bought a
grocery store from John Tippie and Rid­dlin, located on 7th Street,
and then had to rebuild as the car shops wanted the ground. He built a
store at 1009 South 7th Street, and operated the store for 58 years until 
his death on October 9th, 1965 (87 years of age). He served on grade school
board several years, and the Lincoln and Horace Mann schools were built
at this time. He was elected Supervisor 1948-1950; served as Mayor 
1918-1919. At the time of his death he was serving on the Housing Board.

Gaylord L. Alexander was the father of one son, Robert K. Alexander. 
Robert has two children. Lynda K. and Scott David of Kankakee, Illinois. 

Gladys worked as cashier-bookkeeper at Glassman's Dept. Store for 
several years. Since retiring she is interested in Jefferson County 
Homemakers Extension, church, and crafts.

Leland, son of Charles Hutson and Carrie Ward, deceased, and step-son
of the late Joseph M. Ward. Leland was in charge of cake and icing 
department of Davidson Bakery several years. He worked for Royal 
Typewriter Co., was Deputy Sherriff 1942-1946 under Sheriff Glenn 
Murphy, deputy treasurer 1947-1948, Alderman of the old Third Ward
under Mayor Miller, served on City Zoning Board, Library Board, Police and 
Fire Boards, Project Uplift, Republican Executive Board, Mt. Vernon Gun
and Sportsman Club, Board, and past Presi­dent; worked for Attorney 
General William Scott as private investigator; now serving as
Republican precinct committee­man of the 9th precinct; past President and 
Vice of the Crusaders Class, and active Deacon in the Central Church of
Christ. His home is located at 2231 Casey Avenue, Mt. Vernon, Illinois. 
- Gladys Alexander Hutson

Some ommisions may have occured to protect living individuals.

Source: Facts and Folks of Jefferson County, Illinois Page 73 

Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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