William Albert Aiken was born in Franklin County Illinois in 1884 of 
Irish ancestors. who came to America by way of Pennsylvania and Chester
Counties, South Carolina. His par­ents, Emanuel and Susan Summers Aiken, 
passed away leav­ing three small boys. Each were given different homes
by close relatives until manhood.

In June 1908, he married Louise A. Smith, daughter of Amos and Ranson 
Rosanne Jenkins Smith, at her home, the present Royal Story farm.
Albert and Louise had six children born to them. Five girls and one
son. Four died in infancy, buried at Arnold Cemetery. Opdyke. Two grew to 
womanhood and married: Dorothy and Billie. Albert worked at Car 
Manufacturing Company. They lived for years at Belle Rive, Opdyke, 
Bonnie and Mt. Vernon.

Dorothy and Billie attended such schools as Tony Point, Mt. Pleasant, 
Bonnie. Edison, and Mt. Vernon High School. There were cold winters
with deep snow and they were happy to have faithful horses they could ride
to school when they lived on the Clark Smith place. They lived on the Dr. 
Mar­teeny farm when Dorothy was tiny. and Rose Ham found her by her 
house, she had crawled and partially walked half a mile as she had
begun to know how to get through a hole in the fence while living at Opdyke. 
Mrs. Aiken and children were home alone about midnight, coal-oil lamps 
turned down low, and a car drove up. Mrs. Aiken awakened. asked "who is
there". A man said they were lost and asked for directions to town of 
Ina, which she gave. The next day, Orville E. Wallace, who was a 
policeman. and lived across the street from the Aikens, said Ina Bank 
was robbed last night. The robbers were apprehended later.

In the late 20's, they moved to Mt. Vernon and lived on Her­bert
Street and Perkins Avenue. The girls, Dorothy and Billie, attended Edison, 
School. also high school. Billie graduated from Burnham City Hospital
in 1930, making her career as an R.N. She also attended S.I.U.
Dorothy married Charles O'Bryant in 1930, later moving to Washington 
State, and California. After his death she married Walter Jensen and 
recently lives in Monterey Park. California. She has two sons, James
and Charles. Army career men. They now reside in Arizona. Also seven grand 
children and two great grandchildren. One daughter, Jessie Lou is

Billie married Wm. Love Smith in 1940. They reside in Urbana since
their married life. They have two children. Clyde Smith married Donna Schrag 
from South Dakota. They ha\e two sons, Mike and Nick, and they live in 
Lexington. South Carolina. Camille married Dan Harmon of Urbana, IlIinois 
They have two sons, Collin Jay. six and Justin Tyler. one wed..

Albert passed away in 1948 and Louise in 1949. Both are buried at
Bethel Memorial Cemetery, Mt. Vernon.

Dorothy and Billie belong to D.A.R.

Source: Facts and Folks of Jefferson County, Illinois Page 77 & 78

Submitted by Sandy Whalen Bauer

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