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Bible records of George W. Brown and Mary E. Wilson Brown

George W. Brown and Mary E. Wilson, both of Brighton, Ill married at
Alton, Ill June 25th, l855 in presence of friends and relations., by the Rev.
Robinson in Alton, Il.

Mary Ellen Brown to Oscar S. Maxey April 15, l880
James Edgar Brown to Enola May Hobson November ll, l886
Rhoda Emma Brown to Charles C. Whorf April 22, l891
Charles C. Brown to Maggie Badgley June 7, l892


George W. Brown        January 31, 1828
Mary E. Wilson Brown   March 26 1837
Mary Ellen Brown Maxey June 7, l856
Rhoda Emma Brown       July 8, 1860
James Edgar Brown      July 21, l863
George Clinton Brown   Oct 5, l865
Charles Cary Brown     October `13, 1867
Lucy Arabella Brown    April 16, 1869


George Clinton Brown  Aug 29, 1866
Lucy Arabella Brown   Oct 29, 1895
George W. Brown       March 31, 1896
Mary E. Wilson Brown  March 21, 1909
Rosa Bateman Wilson   March 2, l893
Charles C Whorf       Oct 29, 1897
Leta Maxey Jones      Nov 3, 1914

Submitted by: Virginia R. Black


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