Jefferson County

Bastardy Cases
Index Book 1 - 1835-1896

These  entries were taken from Circuit Court Plaintiff 
Index Book 1 - 1835-1896 
Bastardy (Plaintiff listed first and Defendant listed second.)
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Plaintiff			Defendant		Date

ANDERSON, Caroline 	vs. 	William TELFORD 	May 1860
ARCHER, Clementine 	vs. 	Samuel MOORE 		May 1854
DONOHO, Susanna 	vs. 	Hustin BLANKENSHIP 	Feb 1846
HAYES, Tabitha 		vs. 	George W. HAGLE 	Aug 1868
MONDAY, Elizabeth 	vs. 	John RALEY 		Aug 1871
NEWBY, Rebecca 		vs. 	John G. MUSGRAVES 	May 1853
KELLEY, Almiranda 	vs. 	Joel F. WATSON 		May 1861
HAYS, Eliza 		vs. 	John H. HAYS 		Mar 1871
MEECE, Malinda 		vs. 	W. H. CARTER 		May 1863
RIGHTNOWAR, Letila 	vs. 	John RUTHERFORD 	Dec 1871
WILLIAMS, Sarah 	vs. 	Jonathan CATERON 	Sep 1846
People 			vs. 	John W. MCLAUGHLIN 	1885

People vs. George W. Shrum 1903 Riggs S. BEAL 1929 Petition to change name Grover COOK vs. Harold PIGG 1925 Adoption George and Nancy Ann BILLINGSLEY Adoption Sep 1874 Joseph COOK, father of Harvey Johnson COOK age 16 months, of Franklin County, IL. Mother died and father left Illinois. Name changed to Harvey Casey BILLINGSLEY.