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Pioneer Association Minutes

      These are on 2 pages that I copied for myself and the 
      top & bottom is cut off so I started where it began.
      Correction:  It is Henry Marsh Williams not Mercer as 
      I indicated in the below writing.


      "Pioneer Association" Minutes 1871-1890

      Page 113 (1) of Lemuel OVERBY, who died in this 
      county many years since.

      The subject of this sketch was married Sept. 20, 1829 in this 
      county to Polly RIDGWAY, a step-daughter of John RIDGWAY.  Her 
      mother was an AME.  (not sure if this is right-hard to read)  
      It was but a short time after his marriage, he located where he lived 
      until his death, which transpired Aug. 12, 1877.  He was a quiet, good 
      and inoffensive citizen.

      Page 113 (2) Learner B. ALLEN was the son of Rhodam ALLEN.  His mother's 
      maiden name was Lucinda ATWOOD, whose mother's maiden name was, Mary PACE, 
      daughter of Joel PACE, Sr. and Mary his wife, whose maiden name was EAST.  He 
      was born in Jefferson County two miles west of Mt. Vernon on May 12, 1831.  
      His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Mary PACE.  Her mother's maiden 
      name being DANIELS.  He died Oct. 19, 1877.

      Page 113 & 114 (3)  Henry M. WILLIAMS was born in White County, Tenn. 
      May 22, 1825.  His father's name was Silas M.(ercer) WILLIAMS better known as 
      "Messer" WILLIAMS.  The family came to the Southern part of Jefferson County 
      when Henry was a little over two years old.  He was married on April 6, 1842 to 
      Judith BOYLS.  He served in the war with Mexico, was in 1862 a member of the 
      Illinois Legislature from the district composed of Jefferson and Franklin Counties.  
      He several times also held the office of Justice of the Peace.  
      He died near Humboldt, Tenn. whither he had gone, on account of ill health, 
      Nov. 20, 1877.

      Page 114 (4)  Dr. Joseph FROST was born in Lincoln County, NC, Dec. 20, 1801.  
      He came to Jefferson County in 1837.  He resided on a farm about six miles NW of 
      Mt. Vernon, where he died.  He practiced medicine extensively for many years in 
      Jefferson and adjoining counties.  During his later years, he restricted his practice 
      to his immediate neighborhood.  He died Nov. 30, 1877.  He was a member of the 
      M.E. Church for many years and was of a kind and cheerful disposition.

      Page 114 (5)  John R. BADGET was born in Sumner County, Tenn., April 8, 1817.  
      His grand-mother was named Nancy and a sister to John TYLER, and half sister to 
      the older JOHNSONs.  He was the son of Thomas BADGET, and with his father came 
      to Jefferson County Oct. 20, 1826.  On Aug. 7, 1875 he married his second wife, 
      Julia G. PATTERSON.  He was an orderly and quiet citizen and good man.  The exact 
      date of his death is not known, but transpired in the early part of............
      (this page is cut off and the death year sould be the same as the 
      others listed which is 1877)

Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta Phillip Osborn died July 16, 1875 JCI of old age. Prudence Allen born May 1805, Georgia; died June 3, 1875; came to JCI 1815; sister of Carter Wilkey; widow of Abel Allen. John W. Allen born August 4, 1813 in Sumner Co., TN; came to JCI December 15, 1819. Peter Owens born Mar. 7, 1802 in Rockingham, VA; died Aug.12, 1877; came to JCI Jan 1827. Henry M. Williams born May 22, 1829 in White Co., TN; came to JCI in fall of 1827; an attorney; died November 20, 1877 near Trenton, TN. J. R. Moss born May 13, 1830 JCI. Chris G. Vaughn born January 8, 1821 in Smith Co., TN. John( born Jan. 26, 1805) and Joanna (born Oct. 20, 1807) Harvel in Johnson Co. NC. D. Z. Cockrum born October 24, 1844 in St. Clair Co., IL came to IL March 15, 1853. John Orsbern born Oct. 18, 1824 in Smith CO., TN came to JCI Oct. 10, 1850. George W. Atchison born July 27, 1808 in Warren Co., GA came to JCI Sep. 15, 1817 and died Jan. 1889. Ignatius Atchison born 1806 in Warren Co., GA; died July 25, 1889. James R. Driver born Feb. 21, 1831 in Wilson Co., TN; came to JCI April 10, 1841; wife Evaleen born Dec. 29, 1833 came to JCI Dec 29, 1833. Rhoda Allen made a chair in Virginia in 1815. Peter Owens, son of Peter Owens Sr. was born in Rockingham Co., VA Mar. 22, 1803; brother to Edward Owens and Robert Owens; and brother in law to Lemuel Overby. Learner B. Allen, son of Rhodam Allen; his mother's maiden name was Lucinda Atwood whose mother's maiden name was Mary Pace; d/o Joel Pace Sr. and Mary his wife whose maiden name was East.


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