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Tucker Building
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Tucker Building
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

It is interesting to note that the Tucker Building was owned by Jacob 
C. Tucker (1845-1917). Mr. Tucker was a native of Alabama and Civil War 
veteran. Prior to his arrival in Ocean Springs, he had made his 
livelihood as the railroad agent at Opdyke, Jefferson County, Illinois 
for over thirty years. J.C. Tucker was at Ocean Springs as early as 
1905, as he was the proprietor of the Gulf Coast School of Practical 
Railroad Telegraphy./(The Biloxi Daily Herald, February 3, 1905, p. 6)/

In July 1907, J.C. Tucker married Ida L. Carter Horton (1878-1910+), 
widow of William A. Horton (1863-ca 1907). In 1893, Ida L. Carter had 
married Mr. Horton, the widower of Helen Lundy (1857-1890). Helen 
a Mobile native, was the sister of Frank. J. Lundy (1863-1912) and 
A. Lundy (1876-1941), both outstanding merchants and entrepre­neurs at 
Ocean Springs. W.A. Horton and Helen Lundy had no children. In 1893, 
W.A. Horton was in the mercantile business at Ocean Springs with F.J. 
Lundy as Horton & Lundy./ (The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, November 14, 
1890, p. 2 and The Biloxi Herald, December 9, 1893, p. 8)/

William A. Horton and Ida L. Carter in 1893 had four children: 
Horton (1894-1910+); Corrine Horton (b. 1896); Otis J. Horton 
(1897-1925+) married Eula Trepagnier (1896-1925) of New Orleans; and 
Violet Horton (1898-1926+) married Worth W. Jones, a bank cashier, of 
Coushatta, Red River Parish, Louisiana. In 1900, W.A. Horton made his 
livelihood at Ocean Springs as a grocer and farmer.(1900 Jackson Co., 
Mississippi Federal Census, T623 812, p. 3B, ED 45)

Jacob C. Tucker expired in the domicile of his daughter at Ensley, 
Alabama, near Birmingham in November 1917. His corporal remains were 
sent to Opdyke, Illinois for internment in the Opdyke Cemetery with his 
first spouse, Martha E. Tucker, who expired there on August 20, 1878, 
and an infant daughter, Mattie Tucker (1873-1874)./(The Jackson County 
Times, November 24, 1917, p. 5)/

The Tucker Building was once the office of /The Ocean Springs News /and 
probably the first movie house at Ocean Springs. Marion Illing Moran 
(1899-1993) who grew up in the cinema business at Ocean Springs with 
father, Eugene W. Illing Sr. (1870-1947) and his Illing's Photo-Play 
Dome and Illings Theatre, related in an interview in 1992, that when 
was at the age of five (circa 1904), that the first movie house was 
located on Washington Avenue, near the present day Arndt Building, now 
utilized as an office for the Kirk Halstead Realty. This is 
somewhat by an announcement in /The Ocean Springs News/ of February 20, 
1909, which related that */"S.O. Ingram will soon open a grocery and 
notion store formerly used as a picture show house in the Horton 
Building next to the news office". /*On the 1909 Sanborn Insurance Map 
of Ocean Springs, the newspaper office is located approximately where 
the Arndt Building is today. It is assumed that the Horton Building 
later became known as the Tucker Building, when the marriage between 
Carter Horton and J.C. Tucker had become established in the 
community.(Marion Illing Moran interview with the author-September 1992 
and Sanborn Insurance Map, "Ocean Springs", 1909, Sheet-2)

The Tucker Building was consumed in a fire in late February 1926 by 
fire./(The Jackson County Times, February 27, 1926, p. 1)/


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