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Charlotte Frazier
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Charlotte Frazier (photo not included in article)
December 21, 1944

DOUBLE TRAGEDY CLAIMS TWO LIVES IN MARION COUNTY. Death rode highway 161 east of Centralia early today and claimed the lives of Charlotte Frazier about 45 of Salem, in what authorities claims was murder and as aftermath of suicide, of Allen Suddeth of Kell. Unconscious and frozen to ground, Mrs. Frazier was found by Henry Dickman a farmer who resided near Sligar turkey farm, about 5 miles east of this city, about 7 o'clock this am. She died an hour after reaching St. Mary's hospital. According to Homer Lwelleyen who was sheriff, Mrs. Frazier's was found lying in a pool of blood twenty feet from the rear of the car which had left the highway and knocked over three posts. Her shoes were sitting on the edge of the pavement and a bloodstained car crank was lying on the pavement. Further investigations revealed that Mrs. Frazier left Salem last night in company of Allen Sudduth and Winnie Carter. The Carter woman told sheriff that they were going to make rounds of Centralia taverns, departing for Salem at 4 o'clock this morning. She said that Suddeth & Mrs. Frazier quarreled all evening and were still quarreling when they left Centralia, and about two miles east of Centralia, Suddeth who was driving, started weaving back & forth across the road. He threatened to kill them all. Mrs. Carter became frightened and turned off the car switch & jumped out in spite of Suddeths threats & efforts to restrain her. She then hitched a ride back to Centralia and then caught a bus back to Salem. After getting the statement from Mrs. Carter, the sheriff and states attorney immediately went to home of Tom Suddeth who was father of Allen. He resided about 8 miles east of Kell. Upon arriving there about 10 am;, they were informed by the elder Suddeth than his son had just killed himself at home of a neighbor, Mrs. Emily Beasley, who resides near Byars school, about 4 miles east of Kell. At the Beasley home, they found Suddeth's body and Mrs. Beasley told them she heard a shot in the yard and went around the side of the house and found Suddeth's body. He was laying on the ground with a shotgun laying beside him, she went over picked it up and leaned it against the side of the house. She started for help and Suddeth crawled over to gun and shot himself a second time. She was unaware of his presence until she heard the shot. Mrs. Carter stated that Suddeth & Mrs. Frazier quarreled frequently and he threatened to kill her before in her presence. RETURN VERDICTS OF MURDER AND SUICIDE. Inquest returned verdict in case of Charlotte Frazier and Allen Suddeth. She died from skull fracture from being beaten with tire crank and Suddeth , with self inflicted gun shot wound. Mrs. Frazier was ex-wife of Clarence Frazier of Mt. Vernon IL and was keeping house for daughter, Alberta Slater of Salem. she is survived by two sons, Leroy and Fred, both in service and Alberta from Salem. Burial will be in Fouts cemetery near Irvington.


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