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    Mt. Vernon, IL Register-News - Friday, April 25, 1969
    Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta
    Dedicated to Giving Christian Love & Care to Children
    In 1921 - Our history:  The Methodist Children's Home was first 
    located at Creal Springs, Illinois.  On October 21, 1921, it was 
    moved to the present location (2023 Richview Road) in Mt. Vernon.  
    The superintendent and all the children then lived in the old brick 
    house now used as the administrative building.
    In 1923 the large brick dormitory was designed & built according to 
    standards set by the National Accrediting Agency of the Methodist Church.
    In 1929 the north wing was added to the dormitory to meet growing 
    demands for space.
    In 1949 the modern laundry building was constructed and equipped.  
    It contains apartments on the second floor for staff members.
    In 1957 a modern cottage for girls was constructed on the east side 
    of the campus.  Costs were paid in part from funds given the home in 
    a generous estate.
    In 1968 an all-purpose building was completed.  It provides a gymnasium 
    and a large room for tutoring, for skills & crafts and group activities.  
    It is equipped with rest rooms & showers.
    In 1969 a modern dwelling for children from five to ten years of age will 
    be completed and put into service.  It will house 16 children & houseparents.
    There are three pictures:  
    Our boys with Mr. & Mrs. Joe STEBBINS, their house parents.
    Our girls with Mrs. Ruby PERRY, their house mother.
    Our younger boys with Mr. & Mrs. Dale ESTES, house parents.  
    The ESTES' have now gone to St. Louis and Mr. & Mrs. Tom HARLE are 
    house parents of the younger boys.
    Some of our graduates:
    William CAUSER - entered McKendree College in 1957 and is now serving 
    as an active Methodist minister.
    Earnestine SMITH - married in 1963 and is a happy homemaker in Michigan.
    Richard NEWBURY - is a junior at McKendree College & planning to enter 
    the Methodist ministry.
    Karl WHITTENBURG - was appointed in 1963 to the Air Force Academy in 
    Colorado Springs & is now serving in USAF.
    Board of Directors - Rev. Mervin CHADBOURNE, Rev. Leroy DUDE, John ECHOLS, 
    Terry MARLIN, James Wielt.
    Auxiliary - Mrs. Joseph BOCCHIARDI, Mrs. Lawrence SMITH, Mrs. Robert KRAUSE, 
    Mrs. Robert HIGGINS.
    January 20, 1969
    Mr and Mrs John Hawkins of Texico attended the graduation of their son Rodney Hawkins at the University of Missouri, January 19. Mrs Fannie Metcalf 506 N. 12th will be 85 years old Jan. 24, as told by her cousin Mrs Myrtle Grover. Merley Keele of 2713 Cherry will be 70 years old as reported by his wife , Maudie Keele. REGISTER NEWS January 20, 1969 Submitted By: Janice Staples

    ADVERTISEMENT REGISTER NEWS 1969 Submitted By: Janice Staples


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