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    The Ina Observer - Thursday, October 14, 1965
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom ATKINS celebrated their 50th wedding anniversasry 
    at a West Frankfort restaurant Saturday night.  Those present for supper 
    were: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph ATKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles COX, and Mr. and 
    Mrs. Eddie ATKINS, Ridgeway, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace ATKINS and son, Dennis, 
    Omaha, Mrs. Matt LACKEY, Sesser, Mr. and Mrs. Donald ATKINS, Benton, 
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe NEWELL, Mt. Vernon, Mrs. Hollie DEES, Mrs. Nelson ISOM, 
    Mr. and Mrs. Leroy HAMLIN and daughter, Brenda, Mr. and Mrs. Ray HALL, 
    Bob ATKINS, Mr. and Mrs. Larry HODGE, and Mr. and Mrs. Tommy ATKINS, Waltonville.  
    Mr. and Mrs. ATKINS are the parents of 6 children, 10 grandchildren and 3 
    The Ina Observer - Thursday, October 21, 1965 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta Mr. and Mrs. Leonard DENTON of Pinckneyville, formerly of Sheller, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary October 10. They had open house for their chidren and grandchildren at their home. Their anniversary occurred on October 7. Mr. and Mrs. Russell SMITH and Grace SMITH of Sheller attended the open house briefly. Grace SMITH was maid of honor when the couple were married on October 7, 1915. While in Pinckneyville the SMITHS also visited with Herry STRICKLAND and Miss Martha STRICKLAND.
    The Ina Observer - Thursday, October 7, 1965 Several members and friends of the late J. B. CLINTON family of Ina met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. CLINTON, Ina, for a family reunion and picnic on September 26. Those in attendance were: Mr. and Mrs. James T. CLINTON and family, Noble; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. CLINTON and sons, Woodlawn; Mr. and Mrs. S. A. CLINTON, Sr., Manteno; Mrs. Jack CASEY, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey RAY, Mt. Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Omar BONNEAU, Pueblo, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Claude CLINTON, Olive Branch; Mr. and Mrs. Bert ROBINSON and daughters, Cahokia; Mr. and Mrs. Charles ENGLAND and family, Lewistown; Mr. and Mrs. John A. DuRALL, St. Louis; and the following from Ina, Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. CLINTON, Geneva and Becky; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. CLINTON and David; Mrs. Byford BALTZELL and Marsha; Mrs. Keith FOWLER and Susan; and Ray SETTLE.
    The Ina Observer - Thursday, October 28, 1965 Elizabeth INABNIT has returned home after spending a two weeks vacation in the northern part of the state. In Hazel Crest she visited with her son, Jesse, and his family, her grandson, Ronald INABNIT and family, and with friends. She then went to Chicago to visit her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Sefin TOMALA, and with her grandson, Bryan and family. She visited in Elgin with her granddaughters, Elizabeth Ann ROBERTS and Lucille JONES and family, and with a grandson, Billy Joe MEYERS. While in Elgin her brother, Robert LeVAULT, and his family of Meadow Dale were also visiting there and Mrs. INABNIT was pleased to be able to visit with him. On Sunday, Mrs. INABNIT, her daughter, Lucille LeBONTI, and son Jesse, drove to Litchfield to visit with Mrs. INABNIT's son, Harvey, and his family
    TThe Ina Observer - Thursday, October 28, 1965 Those helping celebrate the 78th birthday of James H. LOMAN of Sesser, former resident of Waltonville, were Mr. and Mrs. Bill LOMAN and family, Waltonville, Mr. and Mrs. William H. LOMAN and family, Benton, Mr. and Mrs. Ray WHITZELL and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil ROBERTS and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Perry CLEVENGER and son, all of Sesser, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. LOMAN and sons, East St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. LOMAN and family, Bonnie, the Rev. Thomas SKINNER, Mattoon, and Pfc. William H. LOMAN, Jr. who will be going to Viet Nam in November
    The Ina Observer - Thursday, November 10, 1965 Mr. and Mrs. Sam REYNOLDS observe their 59th wedding anniversary Sunday. Friends and relatives who visited them and wished them many more were Mr. and Mrs. Lee QUINN, Lena CLARK, Mrs. Juanita HESTER, Mrs. Mary McCOWEN and son, Francine LOWERY, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth SANDUSKY all of Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Harold BAKER, Mrs. Maxine Russell and daughter, Diane, of Ina, Mrs. Fern BEARD, Mr. and Mrs. Jay BODINE, Mr. and Mrs. Bert WILLIAMS of Bonnie, Lloyd CUMMINGS, Champaign, Mrs. Pearl HARRIS, Jacksonville, Fla.


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