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    The Ina Observer - Thursday, January 17, 1963 January 10th marked the 50th wedding anniversry of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar KIRK of Sesser, formerly of Ina. The Kirks held an open house at their home last Sunday. They have 4 children: Mrs. Clayton White of Mt. Vernon, Mrs. Dorothy Gardiner of LaPorte, Ind., Bud KIRK and Mrs. June EHRLICH, both of Sesser; and 7 grandchildren.
    The Ina Observer - Thursday, July 18, 1963 Publication Notice - Adoption No. 63-98 John Vernon REICHLING and Mary Johanna REICHLING, Petitioners, vs. Ruth Ann CHILTON and Burley Gene CHILTON; and John Vernon CHILTON, minor, Defendants. Notice is hereby given you Burley Gene CHILTON, one of the Defendants in the above entitled cause, that the above cause has been commenced in the County Court of Jefferson County, IL against you and the other Defendants named above, asking and praying that John Vernon CHILTON, a minor child, be adopted bu the above named Petitioners, and for othe relief.
    The Ina Observer - Thursday, October 10, 1963 State of Illinois, County of Jefferson, in the Circuit Court thereof... In the matter of the petition of John Dwayne BARANOWSKI and Judith Helen BARANOWSKI. Public notice is hereby given that on Monday, the 25th day of November, 1963, the undersigned will file a petition in said court asking that they be given the legal right to change their names from John Dwayne BARANOWSKI and Judith Helen BARANOWSKI to John Dwayne BARAN and Judith Helen BARAN, and of assuming and being known by the said last-mentioned names..........
    Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta The Ina Observer - Ina, Illinois, Thursday, December 26, 1963 The Ina Observer's Last Issue - Due to the breakdown of The Observer's 55-year-old press and due to the fact that the newspaper has been losing money the past few years, this will be the last issue of "The Ina Observer". The Ina Observer was originated in 1908 by the late Frank J. BRUCE, who also doubled as station agent at Ina. After publishing the paper for a few years he sold it to O. T. SHINN, who in 1916 sold it to the COFFMAN brothers, Samuel T. and Edward L. E. L. COFFMAN bought his brother's interest a year or so later and edited and published The Observer until his death, December 31, 1947. Wayne COFFMAN then took charge and has operated the paper since. The Observer was "handset" and was about the only handset paper in the United States. Wayne COFFMAN has set most of the paper's type during the past 40 years. The former editor, Wayne COFFMAN, is now seeking work. The Observer was 55 years and 34 issues old when it finished up.


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