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    The Ina Observer - Thursday, September 6, 1962 A get together of the BOOK and MITCHELL families was held recently at the Mt. Vernon City Park, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Baird F. BOTTENFIELD and their three children from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Mrs. BOTTENFIELD (Madge) is the daughter of Hearl BOOK and Neece Mitchell BOOK, former residents of this vicinity but now living in Gary, Indiana. Her last visit here was in 1950. Seventy names were written in the register and presented to Madge. Those present were as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Baird BOTTENFIELD and family of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Mr. and Mrs. Hearl BOOK, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lee BOOK and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leicester BOOK and Jeffery, all from Gary, Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. Dean KNIFFEN and Deanie, St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. Durward BOOK and Marla, Granite City, Ill.. Mrs. Dana BOOK, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. BOOK and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne BOOK and family, West Frankfort, Ill. Mrs. Mae TONEY, Mrs. Betty Ann CONNER, Mr. Enoch OSBORN, Ina, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. Claud JEFFERIES, Mrs. Mary Jane ALLEN and family, Mrs. Gladys KNIFFEN, Mrs. Mabel BOOK, Mr. Jim BOOK, Mr.and Mrs. Weaver WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny BECKMAN and family, Mrs. Carol RIGHTNOWAR, Bonnie, Ill. Mrs. Ella PRESLEY, Miss Hallie BOOK, Mr. and Mrs. Herman BYER, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest TONEY, Mr. and Mrs. Sammy TONEY and Mark Alan, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace FARTHING and family, Mt. Vernon, Ill. There were two families of 4 generations present, they were: Mrs. Mae TONEY, 70 years old, Ernest TONEY, 48 years old, Sammy TONEY, 19 years old, Mark Alan, 11 weeks old. The other family being: Mrs. Elizabeth JEFFRIES, 67 years old, Mrs. Mildred FARTHING, 44 years old, Jerry FARTHING, 22 years old, Tona Lynn FARTHING, 4 years old. After a bountiful supper and lots of conversation, the party dispersed hoping it will not be another 12 years before they get together again. On Sunday, the entire family (14) of Mr. and Mrs. Hearl BOOK attended Sunday School and Morning Worship at the home church (Methodist) at Bonnie, IL.
    The Ina Observer - Thursday, September 27, 1962 Jake SMOTHERS found a certificate at his home a few days ago issued to his wife's father, the late W. T. KELLEY, from the Democratic National Committee, dated October 25, 1912. The certificate acknowledged receipt of 50 cents sent by Mr. KELLEY to help in the campaign of Woodrow WILSON, Democratic candidate for President, and his running mate Thomas R. MARSHALL. There was a move on foot that year to finance the presidenital campaign by popular subscription by the Democrats.


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