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    Mt. Vernon IL Register News - June 2, 1950
    Bertha SANDERS DENNY is shown holding a picture of a quilt that she 
    has made in a minature flower garden.  She is the sister of Newell and 
    Gless SANDERS. (picture here)
    Mt. Vernon IL Register News - May 25, 1950 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta At the time of the tornado on February 19, 1888, Charles B. INGLETT was age 22. He climbed into the wreckage of the court house to get a marriage certificate for himself and Annie MANNEN. (Two pictures here.)
    The Register News -Mt. Vernon, IL - Tuesday, 01 August 1950 Dahlgren News - The annual Reunion and Picnic if the Old Dahlgren School was held Sunday, July 30, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. LAMPORT. Rev. Clarence HENDERSON was the leading speaker. Among those attending were : Mr. and Mrs. Richard LAMPORT, East Peoria; Carson BOWEN, Anna, IL; Maude HALLEY, St. Louis, MO; Etta GAMBLE, Dahlgren; Eva McNAIR, Dahlgren; Mary BOWEN, Dahlgren; Sarah DEAVERS, Dahlgren; Mrs. Rella HAYS, Mt. Vernon; Mrs. Mollie HUNTER, Flossie GARRISON, Lucy McNAIR, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. McNAIR, Alma BOGAN, Mrs. Daisy FAGAN, all of Dahlgren; Mrs. Elizabeth HALLOWELL of Mt. Vernon; Elsie PETERSON MOYER, Bloomington, IL; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. GOIN, Mt. Vernon; Mrs. B. L. MOORE, Sullivan, IL; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. JINES, A. C. MILLER, L. C. SHELTON, C. C. PORTER, H. E. MAULDING and James BOLEN, Dahlgren; Riley WEBB and Jennie WEBB, Sesser, IL; Mrs. Effie BURTON, Champaign, IL; Lulu McCARVER and Orville McCARVER, Indianapolis, IN; Irene MAULDING and Lena AUSTIN, Dahlgren; Mr. and Mrs. A. C. LAMPORT, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. THOMAS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, Dahlgren; Mrs. Lydia HICKS, Paxton, IL; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. PARKHILL, Dahlgren; Mr. and Mrs. John SCHILLING,! Ira SPANGLER, and Mr. and Mrs. R. N. CLARK, Dahlgren; Rev. and Mrs. N. C. HENDERSON, Lawrenceville; Rev. and Mrs. W. A. KINNISON, Benton; Carl and Alva DUGEL, Irma Yates and Irvin YATES, Belle Rive, IL; Mr. and Mrs. Ivan R. LAMPORT, East Peoria, IL; K. W. LAMPORT, St. Louis, MO; Elmer HOOK, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. GOIN, John D. McNAIR and Jasper GOIN, Jr., Dahlgren; Mrs. Guy V. JONES, Jr., Sesser, IL; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin ROTH, Mt. Vernon, IL; Mrs. Nellie SLOAN, McLeansboro, IL; Mrs. Lelia ELDER, Gerald MILLER, Roman GARRISON, Sam RICHETTS, and Rev. Walter FAGAN, Dahlgren, IL; and Mrs. Dr. Joe W. Daily, Champaign, IL.
    The Register News - Mt. Vernon, IL - Thursday, August 3, 1950 THREE GIRLS BORN ON OCTOBER 15 IN DIFFERENT YEARS When Mr. and Mrs. T. F. WOOLRIDGE lost everything they had in the big flood on the Mississippi River at Gorham, IL in 1947, they determined to keep their family of five children together. They sent the youngsters, who then ranged in age from infancy to 11 years, to the Methodist Children's Home in Mt. Vernon. Then Mr. and Mrs. WOOLRIDGE struck out to find work wherever they could. The parents now live at Woodworth, LA, where Mr. WOOLRIDGE is a bulldozer operator. They plan to take the children to their new home next spring, but first they want the eldest, Clara Marie, to have her wish fulfilled to graduate from Zadok Casey Junior High School. Although they have been separated for three years - except for all-too-brief visits - the mother and father have no difficulty remembering birthdays. You see the three girls were born on the same day - October 15. Clara Marie was born October 15, 1935, Margaret Tilly was born October 15, 1937, and Joyce Ann, the baby, October 15, 1946. The boys had to be different as to birthdays. William George was born November 3, 1939 and Franklin D. on December 17, 1941. The parents were in Mt. Vernon this week visiting the children in a happy reunion. Everybody but Dad and the baby was smiling when the picture, above, was made. Mr. and Mrs. T. F. WOOLRIDGE and their five children from left - Clara Marie, 14, Margaret Tilly, 12, William George, 10, Franklin D., 8, Joyce Ann, 3. The youngsters live at the Methodist Children's Home in Mt. Vernon.
    The Register News - Mt. Vernon, IL - Tuesday, August 29, 1950 SCHOOL BELLS RING SOON IN 99 RURAL SCHOOLS OF COUNTY School bells, after their summertime silence, will ring out again soon at 99 rural and village schools of Jefferson County, outside of Mt. Vernon. All of the schools, except Bluford High, will open next Tuesday, September 5. The term at Bluford begins September 11. A total of 107 rural and village schools operated in this county last year. The school bells will be silent at eight of these this year, though, as they close down and their students attend other schools.School officials believe that, with 99 schools ready to open, this term will mark the first time in modern Jefferson County history that less than 100 schools have been in session. Of the 99, 88 are one-room schools. Twenty-two of these are consolidated areas but will operate again this year. Some of these will close permanently when new centrally located schools are built and transportation for pupils is arranged. Fifteen of the rural and village schools have one or more rooms. Three high schools in the county, outside of Mt. Vernon, will operate. They are Bluford, Woodlawn and Waltonville. A pre-school meeting of teachers will be held in the Circuit Court room at the County Court House this Friday, September 1, at 9:30 a.m. At that time the 133 teachers of rural and village schools will be given supplies for the beginning of school.
    The Register News - Mt. Vernon, IL - Monday, September 18, 1950 MEMORIAL SERVICE AT GRAVE OF REVOLUTIONARY WAR WIDOW Mrs. Magie P. CARSON, state historian of the Daughters of the American Revolution, yesterday conducted a memorial service at the grave of a widow of a Revolutionary War soldier. The service, in observance of Constitution Day, was held at noon at an old family burying ground known as the Davenport Cemetery, in a field north of Waltonville. The grave was that of Lydia Garland PLACE who died August 12, 1845 "in the 82nd year of her life". She was the second wife of John PLACE who fought in the battle of Bennington, Vermont, and the mother of 10 children. Mr. PLACE was buried in Ohio. Mrs. CARSON used the memorial ritual of the D.A.R. Descendants of Mrs. PLACE were present.
    Register News - Mt. Vernon, IL - Tuesday, September 19, 1950 CRISEL Five generations in one family are represented in the above picture. Mrs. Flora A. CRISEL (sitting) of 1412 South 13th Street, is holding her great-great-granddaughter, Linda COLLINS. Standing, left to right, are: Jean COLLINS, the infant's mother, George CRISEL, the great-grandfather and Roxie GRAY, the grandmother. Mr. CRISEL is a resident of Fayetteville, IL, and Mrs. GRAY and Mrs. COLLINS reside in Belleville.


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