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    Thursday, July 15, 1948 - Paper Unknown 
    (Assume Register-News, Mt. Vernon, IL)
    Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta
    Charles E. McATEE, former Mt. Vernon merchant and banker died 24 May 1947, 
    in his will left $6,000 to churches, a hospital and for the upkeep of a cemetery.  
    Mr. McATEE made bequests of $1,000 each to the First Methodist Church of Mt. Vernon, 
    the Waltonville Methodist Church, the First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Vernon, and 
    the Old Union Baptist Church.  He left $1,000 for Good Samaritan Hospital of Mt. Vernon.
    The Will also provides a perpetual fund for the upkeep, care and maintenace of 
    Old Union Cemetery, where Mr. McATEE and many Jefferson County pioneers are buried.
    This bequest left $1,000 to the trustees of Old Union Cemetery as "a perpetual fund", 
    to invest and reinvest the principal thereof in government bonds and to use and apply 
    the income to the care, upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery.
    Mr. McATEE bequeathed to Theodore A. GILBERT, his nephew, and Opha L. GILBERT, his wife, 
    his residence at 908 Taylor Avenue.  The remainder of the estate was divided, in 
    one-seventh shares, to his heirs as follows:  Theodore A. GILBERT, a nephew; 
    William Gus GILBERT, a nephew; the four children of Charles LEE, a deceased nephew; 
    Edward McATEE, a nephew; William J. McATEE, a grand nephew; Wilda J. McAtee, 
    a grand niece; and Ray ELLIS, a nephew.  The Will names Marlin RICH as executor


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