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    The Register News, Monday, February 11, 1946, Mt. Vernon, IL
    Ina Couple Web 64 Years....Tomorrow will be the 64th wedding anniversary 
    of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Foster of Ina.  He is in his 89th year and Mrs. Foster is 85.
    Of their seven living children, three are public school teachers and two are 
    ministers.  Two of their daughters married ministers.  Three children are dead.
    Mr. Foster was born one-fourth of a mile west of Ina and part of that village was 
    built on his father's land.  Mrs. Foster was born in the Methodist parsonage at 
    Old Spring Garden. They were married February 12, 1882.  Mr. Foster has been a 
    member of the Presbyterian church for 75 years and an elder in the church for 50 years.
    Mrs. Foster, the former Amanda Emmer Loyd came from a religous family and became 
    Presbyterian before her marriage.
    Their children are Mrs. Noah Douthit, wife of Mt. Vernon United Brethern pastor; 
    the Rev. W. D. Foster, pastor of Pleasant Hill, IL; Mrs. R. C. Gray of Los Angeles; 
    Clarence Raymond Foster of Ashland, Ore; James Paul Foster of Ashland, Ore., Mrs. 
    Ruby M. Arnett, pastor of Netteleton, Miss.; and Mrs. S. E. Mariage of Danville IL.
    June 8, 1946 Mt Vernon Paper PARENTS NOTIFIED THAT FRANK J. MURPHEY DIED ON JUNE 8 Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. MURPHEY of South 1st St. received word from the War Dept, that their son Frank J. Jr. died by drowning at Linz, Austria City on the Danube Rive on June 8. He was a 20 year old combat Veteran
    August 1946 Mt. Vernon Paper Marriage License Ralph MORSS, Waltonville to Doris June PORTER RFD 2, Benton


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