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    The Register News - Tuesday, March 15, 1938
    Charging his wife had another husband when they were married in 
    1932, Willie E. WILLIAMS today filed suit for divorce against 
    Myrtle C. WILLIAMS in the office of Harley WARREN, circuit clerk.  
    Mr. & Mrs. WILLIAMS were married January 26, 1932, in Waltonville 
    and lived together until January 9, 1938, according to the bill of 
    complaint.  The complaint states that at the time of the marriage 
    with the plaintiff, the defendant, Myrtle C. WILLIAMS was the wife 
    of Theodore REED of Nason.  The bill alleges that REED and Mrs. WILLIAMS 
    were married in Benton in 1926 and that this marriage was subsisting at 
    the time Willie WILLIAMS married her.  The bill alleges the WILLIAMS 
    marriage is therefore null and void.  The plaintiff asks custody of their 
    two minor children.  Attorney Curtis WILLIAMS represents Mr. WILLIAMS.
    Mt Vernon Paper June 14, 1938 BROTHER KILLS BROTHER AT BONNIE FARM TODAY, JURY SAYS SELFDEFENSE HOWARD WILSON 28, SHOOTS LESLIE, 31, a BROTHER WITH A TWELVE GAUGE SHOTGUN, SHORTLY BEFORE NOON, LESLIE HAD STARTED AFTER HIM WITH A PAIR OF SISSORS Howard WILSON 28, shot and killed his brother Leslie 31, at their farm home, a quarter west of Bonnie, just before noon today. A coroner's jury exonerated the younger brother in a brief inquest held at two o'clock this afternoon, finding that Leslie Wilson came to his death from a gunshot wound inflicted by his brother in self defense. Mrs. Dora MOORE, invalid mother of the Wilson's sobbed out the story of the tragedy to Coroner Howard HESTER and Deputy Sheriff, Marshall MOORE this afternoon. He threatened to kill both Howard and his wife, she said. Testifying at the inquest, Howard told Deputy MOORE that he was about 12 feet from Leslie, when he shot him with a 12 gauge shotgun in the stomach. The shot enter high in the stomach and Wilson died almost immediately. Leslie told Howard to take him into Mt Vernon ad Howard was going to Dix, where he was employed on a WPA project. He let him off at the square and when he came back about 10:30 am that morning, he picked his brother up, after getting some groceries. Howard said his brother had been drinking. A half pint whisky bottle was found near the body. Leslie went into mother's room and I sat down by the radio, Howard said and in a few minutes Leslie came back with a shotgun and said get going, I grabbed the gun and my wife came in and we were aruging over the gun and beggin him to give it to us Mother came into the room and begged him to give the gun up and my wife ran, grabbed the children and I went out the front door. Leslie grabbed a pair of sisors and came out the door and he saw Alph and the children going down the raod and then he said, if you don't call her back, I will get her. Howard said I can't cause she is afraid of you, when you are this way. He started down the front steps and I backed up and when he kept coming, I shot him. he staggered and said, you should have done that Howard. The sisors were found in the front right had pocket of Wilson's overalls, Deputy MOORE said, who helped interrogate the three witness's, the mother, brother and sister-in-law of the dead man. At the inquest, said that Leslie WILSON had just completed a sentence on a larceny charge. The body was tken to the Fry Funeral Home at 2:30 that afternoon. Services will be held at 10:30 Saturday morning in Methodist Church at Bonnie conducted by Rev. Riley BURTON and burial in South Hickory Hill Cemetery the body will remain at the funeral home until the hour of the service. The Coroner's inquest and jury said Howard Wilson was not charged with any blame Mrs. MOORE said that Leslie had threatened to kill her son and his wife as they scuffoled over a shotgun
    NEWSPAPER CLIPPING FROM PAT WORSHAM Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs Atkins Chronicle June 1938 Proves Fatal To Two; Six Injured Mrs. U. B. Childers, Mrs. W. A. Childers Are Victims Two persons were fatally injured and six others hurt in an automobile collision near the J. M. Kee service station, two miles east of Atkins on Highway 64, about 8:00 o'clock Sunday night. Mrs. Orel Childers, 34, wife of U. B. Childers, was killed almost instantly and Mrs. Alice Childers, 58, wife of W. A. Childers, died about 9:00 o'clock Wednesday morning at a Russellville hospital from injuries received in the wreck. U. B. Childers, driver of the Childers car, received a broken arm and dislocation of both hips but is expected to recover. His daughter, Miss Eulene Childers, is recovering from minor injuries and cuts and bruises. Both are in a Russellville hospital. Occupants of the car which collided with the Childers vehicle were: Don McConnell, Henry Brown, Charley Carpenter and Miss Rose Marie Hampel all of Little Rock. All were taken to a Russellville hospital for treatment, but were not seriously injured. Carpenter was able to leave the hospital Monday and was placed under arrest by Bob Rackley, city marshal and deputy sheriff, on a charge of drunkenness. The driver of the car has not been determined. Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Childers and daughter, Eulene, and Mrs. W. A. Childers were returning home from a visit with Mrs. W. A. Childers' brother, J. A. Lafarlette, at Manila. The accident occurred when the other car attempted to pass a large transport truck and apparently failed to observe the Childers car approaching. The cars crashed head-on and were demolished. Funeral services for Mrs. U. B. Childers were held at the Atkins Baptist Church Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock with the Rev. John D. Baker in charge assisted by Rev. J. H. O'Neal. Pallbearers were Raymond Webb, Earl Williams, Walter Burnett, Enos Cloninger, Joe Ehemann and W. A. Strickland. Burial was in Atkins cemetery. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, Eulene; her mother Mrs. Sarah Baker; and two brothers, Elbert and Emmett Baker. Funeral and burial services for Mrs. W. A. Childers were to be held this (Thursday) afternoon at Old Hickory cemetery at 3 o'clock. She is survived by her husband; one son, U. B. Childers; one daughter, Mrs. Joe Harris, of near Jerusalem; two brothers and one sister. Lemley Brothers were in charge of both funerals.


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