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    Mt. Vernon Register-News - Friday, December 16, 1927
    Observed Day in Church
    Fiftieth wedding anniversaries are perhaps observed more elaborately 
    than most other anniversaries, but the 50th anniversary of Mr. and 
    Mrs. Benjamin J. Hawkins of Dix, who are very devout church people, 
    was of a religious nature because of the fact the anniversary fell 
    on Sunday.  They were married 50 years ago, Feb. 20, 1927, their 
    marriage taking place Feb. 20, 1877.
    Both are members of well known old Jefferson County families, and 
    Mrs. Hawkins was a daughter of the late Robert Whitlock, the Whitlocks 
    being Jefferson County pioneers.
    Both Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins are active members of the Pleasant Hill 
    Baptist Church.
    The observance of the anniversary took place at the "Brick" Church at 
    Dix, and the people of Dix and vicinity paid tribute to Mr. Mrs. Hawkins 
    by attending in large numbers.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins are parents of one child, Mrs. J. O. Purcell of Dix.


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