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    Mt. Vernon Register News - January 5, 1922, Page 6
    Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta
    January 3rd, was the 79th birthday of "Uncle" Jim EDWARDS who 
    resides on Castleton Avenue.  Early in the evening about fifty 
    of his relatives, friends and neighbors gathered at his home to 
    help put him over the line into his 80th year and give him a good start.
    The music was fine, it was furnished by Mr. PHILLIPS, Mr. CAMPBELL 
    and others.  Capt. FERGUSON recited his poem "When a Little Boy in Tennessee.".  
    Comrade Sanford HILL gave that interesting little poem entitled "The Tingle 
    of the Shingle on the seat of the little boy's pants," which brought great applause.  
    But the capping of the climax came when M. D. COLEMAN gave a whistling stunt of 
    his accompanied by the guitar.  Mr. COLEMAN is sure some whistler.  The refreshments 
    were of the best and the way the crowd put them away was a fright, them eats 
    vanished like a fog before a June sun.
    Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves to the fullest, "Uncle" Jim's good wife 
    was Johnnie on the spot, jolly as a girl 16.  Several useful presents were given 
    to the comrade.  The affair was sure a very pleasant and happy one.


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