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    Mt. Vernon, IL Register News - Thursday, February 3, 1921
    Sarah Bryan Jay - 1921
    Mrs. Sarah Bryan Jay Has Lived Through Many Long Strenous Years
    Was Born January 8, 1821, In Ohio, But Lived Most of Life In Illinois.
    Always Exerted Influence For Good.
    A century is a long time, but Mrs. Sarah Bryan JAY, of Steeleville, 
    celebrated her 100th birthday at her home in that place, January 8.  
    Mrs. JAY is in feeble health and the observance was short and simple.  
    Her husband died January 27, 1878. Her children and other descendants 
    were present, among whom was a son, Charles F. JAY, of Mt. Vernon.  
    The Steeleville Ledger says in part of the observance:
    "On Saturday afternoon, January 8, Grandmother JAY's five children and 
    grand-children to the fifth generation, gathered at the ELSEY home near 
    Steeleville to celebrate her One Hundredth birthday anniversary.
    This was unique in the lives of all of us. A look at Mother JAY's face 
    took our thoughts back to the distant past. She lived all through the 
    anit-slavery agitation from the 20's to it's settlement on the battle 
    fields of the Civil War.  She saw Indian wars and Indian fights from the 
    20's to the battle of wounded-knee in Kansas in the 90's.  She experienced 
    the passing of her country through the Mexican War  of 1848, the Spanish 
    American War of 1898 and the World War of 1918.  She was familiar with 
    the temperance movements and prohibition efforts through the 40's and 70's 
    of last century to its accomplishments in the 18th amendment - this century.
    Both these BRYAN and JAY families have come from pre-Revolutionary stock.  
    Both families furnished soldiers in the fight for independence and liberty 
    and in the skirmish of 1812. Mother JAY has seen relatives don the uniform 
    of her country and join the colors of the wars of this country these hundred 
    years.  She has always been extremly patriotic, and has ever stood for clean 
    morals, the square deal and pure motives. She stands and has always stood 
    four-square against whiskey, the dance and the card deck."
    Mt. Vernon, IL Register News, Thursday, February 3, 1921 FAMILY FURNISHED SOLDIERS IN THREE OF NATION'S WARS Absolam Estes In The Black Hawk War, Descendants Later Wars Members of Estes Family Serve in Three Conflicts And Two Serve in Regular Army. One Is A Woman. Mrs. Ida FELTZ, 808 Broadway submits the following record showing participation by members of her family in a number of wars in which the United States engaged. Black Hawk War Abolam ESTES enlisted as a private on June 16, 1832, in Franklin County, Illinois, in a compnay of the 2nd regiment of mounted volunteers, for a period of 90 days. Mr. ESTES lived in Franklin County at the time. Civil War Record Two sons of Absolam ESTES enlisted in the Civil War as follows: C. C. ESTES, at Centralia , served 3 years; James Polk ESTES, served 3 months, when he was discharged because of failing health. In Regular Army Robert LOWERY, a grandson of Absolam ESTES, enlisted in the regular Army of the United States and served 3 years. Another grandson, Bert LOWERY, served 3 years in the regular Army. They are sons of James LOWERY of this city. In World War Shelby Estes PASLEY, also grandson of Absolam ESTES, served in the World War and was wounded July 18, 1918, in battle in France, and was sent to the Walter Reed Hospital where he remained until November 1918. He is now in West Frankfort, IL. Edward A. FELTZ, of this city, is a veteran of the World War, and served 14 months overseas. He is a grandson of Absolam ESTES. He is a member of the American Legion. Miss Ella V. ESTES, formerly of this city, enlisted as a nurse in 1918, and served with Unit 21, Base Hospital. She was in the overseas service 18 months, where the fighting was very heavy. Miss ESTES is a daughter of Absolom ESTES. She is now homesteading 640 acres of land near Soda Springs, Idaho.
    Mt. Vernon, IL Register News - Wednesday, December 21, 1921 Ina Man Arrested in Paternit Case Taken to Benton Guy LIGON, of Ina, was arrested at that place last night by Deputy Sheriff Barney CLINTON, on a paterntiy charge made by Mildred BROWN, of Sesser. It is stated the woman became the mother of a girl baby September 02. Deputy Sheriff WATKINS of Benton, arrived here this morning and took the prisoner to Franklin County to answer the charge.
    Mt. Vernon, IL Register News - Thursday, December 15, 1921 Well Known Old Couple Have 56th Wedding Anniversary Thursday, December 08, was the 56th anniversary of the marriage of Thomas B. FORD to Miss Nancy HICKS. The day was observed in a quiet way at the FORD home one and one-half miles southwest of Marco. Mr. and Mrs. FORD are among our most highly respected citizens and have made McClellan Township their home almost, if not entirely, the 56 years of their married life. Mr. and Mrs. FORD are the parents of eight children, viz: Mrs. Emma REYNOLDS of Alberta, Canada; Mrs. Anna RIGHTNOWER, William, Hayne, and Miss Agnes of this place and Mrs. Hattie MERRIMAN; Hall and Edward of Mt. Vernon. A daughter dying some years ago. Mr. FORD is a veteran of the Civil War and is never so happy as when relating incidents of that great struggle. Uncle Tom and Aunt Nan, as they are known here, are noted for their kindness and hospitality and their home never knows an unwelcome guest. They are held in highest esteem by their neighbors and such people are an asset to any community.


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