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    February 8, 1915 Mt. Vernon Register News
    Submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera 
    Last week the two small children of Mr. and Mrs. William PLACE, residing
    at 505 Thirteenth street, were bitten by a pet dog. The dog was killed
    and the head sent to the Pasteur Institute in Chicago for examination.
    A report received yesterday was to the effect that an examination showed
    the dog to have had rabies. Mr. Place left at once for Chicago with the older
    of the children for treatment. The other child was not severely bitten
    and it was decided that there was no need of taking it to Chicago. Mr.
    Place is a section foreman of the W. C. & W. railroad.
    February 27, 1915 Mt. Vernon Register News
    submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera As stated exclusively in the White County Democrat last week, Frank BOZE, Jr., died Wednesday morning, February 17the in a Mt. Vernon, Ill. hospital following the amputation of his arm. Boze was shot by Lawrence THOMAS, until a few weeks ago teacher at the Snow Drop school. The affair dates back since last December when a younger brother of Boze was punished by Thomas and the boy cut Thomas with a knife. Trouble had been breeding for several months and following a quarrel Friday, Feb. 5th, Thomas shot five times at Frank Boze, Jr. One bullet struck Boze in the arm and gangrene set in. An operation proved useless to save the boys life. Following the shooting Thomas surrendered to the local officers and after a hearing was placed under $300 bond. After Boze died Thomas again surrendered and attorney for the prosecution filed a charge of murder against him. His bond was fixed at $3,000. The bone was filled and Thomas is at liberty. Saturday morning at ten o'clock a preliminary hearing will be given Thomas before Squire P.R. PEBSTOCK. Thomas is represented by Conger, Pearce & Conger and J. M. Endicott, States Attorney and F. M. PARISH will appear for the people. The shooting attracted a great deal of attention throughout the county and it is reported that sentiment is evenly divided regarding the affair.


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