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    THE DAILY REGISTER - Mt. Vernon, IL, April 9, 1913
    Elk Prairie Column
    We notice that in the last week's Register that Eva Y. Barton has an
    old fashioned salt cellar that is over a hundred years old.  Mrs. E. B.
    Dalby has a salt cellar that is a hundred years old and also a Cuban
    waterpot that her grandfather brought from Cuba one hundred and ten years
    ago. Her grandmother kept it until her death and left it to her son,
    Thomas Vance, Mrs. Dalby's father, who gave it to her when he moved from
    here to Missouri.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Monday, September 15, 1913 BROTHERS AND SISTERS MEET IN A REUNION - Combined Ages of Eight Relatives Who Gathered Here Sunday Is 552 Years. A reunion of the eight children of the late B. W. ADAMS and wife was held here Sunday at the home of Mrs. Mary MYERS, 715 Jordan Street. Mrs. MYERS is one of the sisters. The eight brothers and sisters whose names and ages follow, were present: Mrs. Julia MORRIS, 74, Norris City, Ill.; John W. ADAMS, 73, Opdyke, Ill.; Mrs. Mary MYERS, 71, Mt. Vernon, Ill.; Mrs. Isabella PRITCHETT, 69, Enfield, Ill.; A. W. ADAMS, 65, Fairfield, Ill.; R. Z. ADAMS, 59, Enfield, Ill.; S. F. ADAMS, 57, Portland, Ore.; N. D. ADAMS, 54, Decatur, Ill.; The combined ages of the brothers and sisters is 552 years. This is the second reunion held by the family, the first one being held seven years ago, at the home of J. W. ADAMS, a brother, in Opdyke. The family is already making preparations for another reunion to be held with the Decatur brother. The eight brothers and sisters all sat down to the dinner table at the same time, and were served to a most excellent dinner by Mrs. Henry WAITE, a daughter of Mrs. MYERS. The members of the family are descendants of B. W. ADAMS and wife, early White County settlers. They were raised under many of the difficulties that confronted the pioneer families, and have all been schooled in the big school of experience. They are people that it is a pleasure to know, as they are the true, honest and upright kind that live by honest toil and delight to see their neighbor prosper. A photograph of this unusual family was made, and this will serve as a reminder of a very happy day.
    The Daily Register - November 4, 1913 A Mr. BUNTON of Cincinnati is here trying to locate the burial place of his father, an uncle and a brother who were buried at West Salem Cemetery more than a quarter of a century ago. His father was Dr. BUNTON who died in Dahlgren and was brought here for burial. Dr. BUNTON, at one time, practiced medicine in this city and is possibly remembered by some of the older residents. The three were buried close together in West Salem, but Mr. BUNTON wants to locate the graves.
    The Daily Register - November 13, 1913 Charity A. HOWARD married on September 17, 1901 to Stephen BOSWELL and he died September 15, 1902. Charity married on August 15, 1906 to Monroe McNAIL and he died April 1, 1907.


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