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    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Thursday, January 25, 1912
    60 COUNTY PATIENTS AT ANNA HOSPITAL, Thirteen Sent Last Year, 
    Two Have Died Since Last Report, Three Discharged, Two Returned
    The report on Jefferson County's insane at the hospital in Anna, 
    shows that during last year thirteen were sent from the county, 
    Mary E. PIERCY and Nancy BEAMONS have died since the last report.  
    Maggie KNIFFEN SWISHER and Frank BATTLEYJEWSKI were paroled but readmitted.  
    Margaret J. KIRK was discharged from parole.  The general report follows, 
    the first condition being the physical and the second the mental.
    Barbara RANGE, good, stat'y
    Mary A. PIPER, good, stat'y
    Jane DIAL, good, stat'y
    George COOK, good, stat'y
    Morton L. MAYFIELD, fair, stat'y
    Mary E. JARRELL, good, stat'y
    Ferriba Jane BLACK, good, stat'y
    John COPPLE, good, stat'y
    Lillie May ARBUCKLE, fair, stat'y
    Maggie GRACZEK, good, stat'y
    Susan Minerva JOHNSON, good, improved
    John N. B. DAVID, good, stat'y
    Mary A. RUSSELL, good, stat'y
    Josephine COVINGTON, good, stat'y
    Joseph DACHWALD, good, stat'y
    Lizzie PATE, fair, stat'y
    Charles McKINSIE, good, stat'y
    David L. ADAMS, good, stat'y
    Benjamin BUSH, good, stat'y
    Luther N. WAITE, good, stat'y
    Affy R. DARE, good, improved
    Chas. R. SNOW, good, stat'y
    Henry J. PADGETT, good, stat'y
    Emma COLLINS, fair, stat'y
    Julia M. HILL, good, improved
    Lillian BROWDER, good, stat'y
    John FERGUSON, good, improved
    Sarah H. DALE, feeble, stat'y
    Bertha BOOK, good, stat'y
    Montie SMITH, good, stat'y
    John S. McCLELLAN, good, stat'y
    Winnie ATCHISON, good, stat'y
    Harry J. CASEY, good, stat'y
    Joe VIATT, good, stat'y
    Lewis SPANGLER, good, improved
    Melvina SANDERS, good, stat'y
    Theodore STEVENS, good, stat'y
    Berry CREEL, good, stat'y
    Frank FAULKNER, good, improved
    Laura WILSON, good, stat'y
    Samuel PARADEE, good, stat'y
    James W. GREER, good, stat'y
    Chas. H. SMITH, good, stat'y
    Wm. J. BROWN, good, stat'y
    Willis PIPER, fair, stat'y
    Elizabeth C. GANNON, good, improved
    Helena WETZEL, good, stat'y
    Joseph Eldoris PACE, fair, stat'y
    Maggie KNIFFEN SWISHER, fair, recovered
    Andrew J. ESKEW, good, stat'y
    Margaret J. KIRK, good, improved
    Geo. W. GREGORY, fair, stat'y
    Sherman MEZO, good, stat'y
    John S. BOBBITT, poor, stat'y
    Byron ABERNATHY, good, improved
    Lora M. BOBBITT, good, improved
    James F. SIMMONS, failing, failing
    Frank BOTTLEWJWSKI, good, stat'y
    The Daily Register - Opdyke Column - March 12, 1912 The funeral of Alexander MOBLEY was conducted at the M. E. Church on Friday, March 8, by Rev. SHERIDAN, of Mt. Vernon. Those from out of town attending the funeral were, Mrs. Ina KULL of Sparta; Mrs. Ida EPPERSON and son, of McLeansboro; Rev. SHERIDAN, wife and little daughter and Tazewell CARPENTER, of Mt. Vernon; Mrs. Jas. W. ESTES, of St. Louis; Isaac JONES, of Wayne City, and Horton COMBS and wife, of the Hebron neighborhood. Mrs. Dan BALTZELL went to Okawville Saturday evening to visit her daughter, Mrs. J. Arthur SMITH, who is there visiting Mr. SMITH's parents. Miss Frieda HELFRICH, of Rentchlers, is here visiting her sister, Mrs. OHL. Messrs. Hiram PLUMMER and Buller, of Salem are guests here at H. PLUMMER's this week. Mrs. Martha SMITH, who has spent part of the winter here with her sisters, Mrs. CORNELIUS and Mrs. BARNES, and her brother C. W. POLEN, left last week for her home in Alabama. After a two weeks illness Rev. BELL was able to fill his appointment at Belle Rive Sunday morning and at this place Sunday night. Mrs. E. S. CLIFTON, of Chicago, is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus BRISTOF. Miss Leni ESTES, of the Egyptian Hospital, at Mt. Vernon, spent Sunday here with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. ESTES. The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - March 12, 1912 Mrs. A. M. FROST has received official announcement from Washington, D. C., that she has been elected to members in the National Society of "Daughters of the American Revolution." Mrs. FROST's great-great-grandfather, Randolph CASEY, and his three brothers were officers in the army of General Marion, and were present at the time that the British officer made his visit to General Marion under a flag of truce, and was entertained at dinner, the only article of food on the table being roasted sweet potatoes. History says that the British officer wrote home to England that officers content with such fare could never be subjugated. Mrs. FROST's membership will be with the "Ann Crooker - St. Clair" chapter of Effingham, Ill.
    Mt. Vernon Daily News - Wednesday, March 27, 1912 THREE SETS TWINS - RECORD OF INA LADY Dr. S. A. THOMPSON yesterday morning was called to Ina where for the third time within ten years he was present at the birth of twins born to Mrs. George BLEEKS. The first twins were boys; the second pair were two girls, and yesterday the arrivals were a boy and a girl. Dr. THOMPSON says there probably are but few other physicians in the country who were in attendance at the birth of three sets of twins in the same family.
    The Daily Register - April 1, 1912 Wayne D. CUMMINS and wife of Dix adopted Charles MEARS, a young man, they raised, and this legal adoption was performed just before he reached his majority.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL May 31, 1912 (Actual) Autographs of the class of 1912 - Mt. Vernon Township High School Shelby L. WIGGINS Clarence A. STELLE Vivienne Elizabeth FLY Mary Ellenor MARQUIS Wessie ROANE Raymond TUCKER Della Mae FLINT Opal Lillian KING Alma NEWMAN Mildred BELLEVILLE Edwin E. MILLER Helen FARTHING Margretta BOND Vivienne BRITTON Katherine WILLMORE Omar P. STELLE Roy N./W. NEWBERY Naomi R. BOGAN H. Hall KING Mary Margaret HOWARD Calvin ATCHISON Tressie STOTLAR Helen May JOHNSON Bertha RILEY Edna Marguerite GASKINS Loman T. KING J. Harman GILBERT Alson W. MODERT Philip M. HARMAN
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - June 26, 1912 LIBERTY COLUMN - Sunday being the 52 birthday of Mrs. John COLLINS, a number of her friends and neighbors fathered at her home with well filled baskets to celebrate the day, which was a complete surprise to her. At the noon hour, the well filled baskets were spread under the old apple tree, after which the photographer, Mr. Merritt SUMMERS took the picture. After all had helped themselves to the many good things, the guests gathered in the parlor, where Miss Enid WATSON, of Mt. Vernon, gave some excellent recitations. Mrs. COLLINS received many presents and a number of beautiful post cards. All departed at a late hour, wishing her many more happy birthdays. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. John COATS, two sons Neal and Gail and grandaughter, Miss Aline HUTCHISON; Mr.and Mrs. Elmer SUMMERS, son Thomas, Miss Enid WATSON, Miss Anna WILMORE, of Mt. Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest COLLINS and baby, of Spring Garden; Mr. and Mrs. Sam ROONEY and son; Mr. and Mrs. George ROONEY and Clarence SUMMERS and Grace SNOW family, of Lebanon; Mr. and Mrs. Charles HILL and daughter, Ethel; Mr. and Mrs. Nick GREGORY and family; Mrs. Margaret WILKERSON; Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo PAYNE and family; Mr. and Mrs. Merritt SUMMERS and family; Mr. and Mrs. George CARIUS; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar MAXEY and daughters, Ruby and Emma; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. JONES and daughter, Lucile; Mr. and Mrs. Alva SUMMERS and family; Mr. and Mrs. Norman SUMMERS and baby; Mr. and Mrs. Roy MAXEY; Mr. Lincoln and Miss Lena HIGHSMITH; Miss Samantha Jones of Liberty; Mrs. Chas. HIGHSMITH, of Lynchburg; and Miss MASSEY of Marlow.
    Mt. Vernon, IL Register - Wednesday, July 3, 1912 LIBERTY COLUMN - Sunday being the 45th birthday of Mrs. Chas. HILL a number of her friends and neighbors gathered at her pretty country home to surprise her and celebrate the event. At the noon hour the well filled baskets were spread on a long table on the lawn which was a picture itself. After all had helped themselves to the many good things Mr. Merritt SUMMERS took the pictures. The day was spent with some excellent music on the piano and phonograph and picture taking. Mrs. HILL received many useful and beautiful presents also many beautiful post cards. All departed at a late hour wishing her many more happier birthdays. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Guy BENJAMIN, Mr. and Mrs. Homer PACE and family, Miss Pearl PACE of Pleasant Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. PIGG, Mrs. Gussie BARTON and daughter, Lona, Mrs. Elizabeth CUMMINS, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. COATS and sons, Neal and Gail, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer SUMMERS and son, Thomas, Misses Bertha MERRITT, Lucile and Burnice HEGGY, Mamie ROY, Flossie and Carrie KLUMPP, of Mt. Vernon. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. LEIBENGOOD and daughter of Summerville, Miss Viola HANEY of St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde STONEMETZ and daughter Blanche, Mrs. and Mrs. Charles H. HIGHSMITH and son Charles and daughter Thelma, Harry FORD, Paul BEEME of Lynchburg. Misses Anna and Vessie MASSEY of Marlow, Mr. and Mrs. Sam ROONEY and son of Lebanon. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar MAXEY and daughters, Ruby and Emma, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo PAYNE and daughters Myrtle and Ethel, Mr. and Mrs. George CARIUS, Mr. and Mrs. John COLLINS, so Everett and daughter Elsie, Mr. and Mrs. John PAYNE and family, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. JONES and daughter Lucile, Mr. and Mrs. Roy MAXEY, Mr. and Mrs. Alva SUMMERS and family, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt SUMMERS and family, Mr. and Mrs. Norman SUMMERS and baby Misses Grace SNOW, Samantha JONES, Mr. Lincoln and Miss Lena HIGHSMITH, of Liberty. Mt. Vernon, IL Register News - Wednesday, July 3, 1912 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. DALBY attended the 58th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph CROSNO in Bonnie, Sunday. There were about 75 of the relatives and friends present, and a bountiful dinner was spread under the trees in the yard of their beautiful home, and when the guests were seated at the table, Samuel CROSNO, of Mt. Vernon, took a photograph of the crowd. He also took pictures of the four generations of the family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. CROSNO, their son P. K. CROSNO, and his son Ed CROSNO and his two little daughters. The afternoon was spent in music and songs and social talks. All left wishing him many more and happy returns of the day.
    Daily News, Mt. Vernon, IL, Saturday, 11 August 1912 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta Pasquale TAGLIOLL, a native of Sunny Italy, died at 11:30 o'clock last night in the Egyptian Hospital, from a brain infection. His age was 51 years, he was a miner by occupation and lived at West Frankfort, IL. The body will be shipped to his home this evening for burial.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Tuesday, August 27, 1912 JEFFERSON COUNTY IN 1837 and 1838 - Interesting Information About How County Looked Seventy-Five Years Ago Dr. E. L. CROUCH, superintendent of the Maplewood sanitarium, at Jacksonville, and a former resident of this county, sends the Register the following from a book entitled "Illinois in 1837 and 1838," also "The Emigrant's Guide to the West:" Jefferson County is situated centrally between the Mississippi and Wabash Rivers. It was organized in 1819 and forms a square of 24 miles, with an area of 576 square miles. It is bounded on the north by Marion, south by Franklin, east by Wayne and Hamilton, and west by Perry and Washington counties. It is watered chiefly by the branches of the Big Muddy River and also by streams flowing into Skillet Fork of Little Wabash River. The surface of the county is about one-third prairie, the remainder timber. The soil is tolerable second rate land. It was organized in 1819 from Edwards and White counties. The inhabitants in 1835 amounted to 3350. There are several compact settlements in different parts of the county: the principal ones are, Moores Prairie, Gun, Long and Jordan's Prairie settlements. Moores Prairie Settlement is from six to twelve miles southeast of Mt. Vernon. It consists of about 75 families. The prairie is eight miles long and from two to three miles wide. Some portions of it are ______ and other parts dry and undulating. Gun Prairie is six miles south of Mt. Vernon. It is two miles long and one wide. The land is good and the settlement contains 20 families. Long Prairie is five miles west of Mt. Vernon. It lies between the middle and west forks of Big Muddy River, is tolerably fertile and is four miles long and one mile and a half wide. The land is second rate and the settlement contains 50 families. Mt. Vernon, the seat of justice, is near the center of the county, on a branch of the Big Muddy River. It is pleasantly situated on the north side of Casey's Prairie, and surrounded with a considerable settlement. The population is about 150. It has six stores, three groceries, one tavern, two physicians, two ministers, a court house and jail, a Methodist Episcopal and a Baptist Society, besides various mechanical establishments.
    Mt. Vernon News – Wednesday, September 4, 1912 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta REIDELBERGER REUNION – The fifth annual REIDELBERGER reunion was held a Pinckneyville in the fair grounds yesterday. About 68 connections of the REIDELBERGERS were present, those going from here were Mrs. Chas. W. STULL and daughter, Martha; Mrs. Catherine SHEW and little Miss Catherine Isabell BADGETT. About the noon hour tables were spread in the big dining hall of the fair ground with every thing imaginable good to eat, soda and lemonade being served in abundance throughout the day. These reunions are being looked forward to from year to year with great pleasure. Only four of the older generation are living, being Mrs. Mary REDFERN of New Athens, IL; Mrs. Catherine SHEW of Mt. Vernon, and John REIDELBERGER of Mascoutah. (Three is all that is listed.) The reunion next year will be held at Nashville, IL. The committee on arrangements appointed were: Wm. SHEY, chairman; Eugene HOWLETT of East St. Louisville and Isaac REIDELBERGER of Nashville.
    Mt. Vernon, IL News - October 19, 1912 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta List of letters remaining uncalled for at the Mt. Vernon, IL postoffice for the week ending October 5, 1912: J. P. BURTON, Ed BROWN, J. F. BRUCE, James A. BEAN, Ambrez BEOGEL, E. M. BEAN, Veora DREW, Lee DIRDEN, Mrs. S. A. DOUGHERTY, Ralph W. GODBYE, Sherman HELME, James S. HARRIS, Carl LOWELL, P. C. MURPHY (2), John McLAUGHLIN, Evelyn MEANS, Ed MINER, Clara OVERFIELD, Billie OURS, Myrtle PORTER, Carl BEDETT, Clesta PITTMAN, IDa PIERCY, Mrs. Fred RICE, Roy ROTELBERGER, B. F. SALEY, Miss L. LEDDEN, J. D. SHARFT, Raymond SCOTT, Nerva SPRAY, W. G. STEPHENS, J. H. TRAHMS, J. W. WHITE, WIlliam Shoe Store, Romeo ZINTANO.


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