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    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Saturday, January 8, 1910
    SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT of Patients from Jefferson County in Hospital 
    at Anna - Fifty-eight Being Treated.
    W. L. ATHON, superintendent of the Southern Illinois hospital for 
    insane, at Anna, submits his semi-annual report on the condition of 
    fifty-eight patients now there for treatment. The physical condition 
    is first given, which is followed by the mental condition.
    Barbara RANGE, good, stat'y
    Mary A. PIPER, good, stat'y
    Jane DIAL, fair, stat'y
    George COOK, good, stat'y
    Minerva E. WILSON, good, stat'y
    Morton L. MAYFIELD, good, no change
    Mary E. JARRELL, good, no change
    Victor ELLWANGER, fair, no change
    Feriba Jane BLACK, good, no change
    John COPPLE, fair, no change
    Lily May ARBUCKLE, good, stat'y
    Maggie GRACZED, good, stat'y
    Susan Minerva JOHNSON, good, stat'y
    John N. B. DAVID, good, stat'y
    Mary A. RUSSELL, fair, stat'y
    Josephine CUNNINGHAM, good, stat'y
    Joseph DACHWALD, fair, no change
    Hattie WIGGINS, fair, no change
    Loren SMITH, fair, failing
    Lizzie PATE, good, stat'y
    Chas. McKINSIE, fair, stat'y
    David L. ADAMS, good, stat'y
    Albert McLAUGHLIN, good, stat'y
    Benj. BUSH, good, no change
    Luther N. WAITE, good, no change
    Affy R. DARE, good, stat'y
    Chas. S. SNOW, fair, stat'y
    Henry J. PADGETT, fair, stat'y
    Emma COLLINS, good, stat'y
    Julia M. HILL, good, improved
    Emma Jane GUYMAN, good, stat'y
    Lillian BROWDER, good, stat'y
    John FERGUSON, good, improved
    Sarah H. DALE, good, stat'y
    Cora Belle HARVEY, good, stat'y
    Bertha BOOK, good, stat'y
    Montie SMITH, fair, stat'y
    John S. McCLELLAN, good, stat'y
    Lydia CURTIS, failing, failing
    Winnie ATCHISON, good, stat'y
    Harry H. CASEY, fair, stat'y
    Jo VIATT, good, improved
    Arthur E. ORR, poor, failing
    John S. BABBITT, fair, improved
    Melina SANDERS, failing, stat'y
    Theodore STEPHENS, fair, improved
    Berry CREEL, good, improved
    Frank FAULKNER, fair improved
    Louis WILSON, good, improved
    W. B. CHAMNESS, improved, improved
    Alexander RAMSEY, good, improved
    Samuel PARADEE, fair, stat'y
    James W. GREER, good, improving
    Charles H. SMITH, fair, improved
    Wm. J. BROWN, fair, improved
    Willis PIPER, fair, no change
    Louis SPANGLER, good, stat'y

    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - January 20, 1910 These are deaths that were listed in "The Daily Register" for the year 1909. Jan 05 R. F. BREEZE of Grand Prairie Twp. Jan 13 John Wesley HECK of Moore's Prairie Twp. Jan 15 Josiah WILLIS of Bald Hill Twp. Jan 17 Mrs. Anna HUGHEY Jan 18 Mrs. Elizabeth MAULDING of Memphis, TN Jan 21 John E. WALLACE died on his farm Jan 27 Rev. William RICHARDSON of Belle Rive Jan 29 Mrs. Bertha DUNNING Jan 29 Mrs. Harry GREEN near Waltonville Jan 30 Dr. Simeon M. ROBERSON of Eldorado Feb 04 Sylvester FITZGERRELL died at home in Benton Feb 05 Laura CARPENTER Feb 12 Eliza J. ALLEN Feb 15 Mrs. Dennis DIAL Feb 16 Orville JONES died mine explosion in West Frankfort Feb 23 J. C. KIRK Feb 24 Mrs. James DODSON Feb 25 Frank THREAT Mar 07 Roy R. WOOD Mar 08 T. J. MAXEY former resident of Yokon, Okla. Mar 10 Mrs. Henry PATTERSON Mar 10 Z. T. CROSS of Opdyke Mar 10 Mrs. T. L. CATES of Elk Prairie Mar 13 Mabel CHAMBLISS died March 12 Mar 15 A. W. PLUMMER Mar 23 James HUMPHREY Mar 24 S. W. TEMPLE Mar 24 Mrs. J. J. WILLIS Mar 27 R. W. ALEXANDER Mar 29 Mrs. Marion WILLIAMS Apr 02 Robert WALTERS former resident died East St. Louis Apr 03 Capt. F. A. OWEN died at hotel in Dahlgren Apr 07 John TAYLOR Apr 08 John D. KINCHELOE Apr 08 Mrs. Susan B. BUCK Apr 11 Mrs. Mary A. JONES Apr 13 S. A. PATTERSON Apr 16 Mrs. Susan S. VARNELL Apr 16 Mrs. Clem REECE Apr 19 Wall's History of Jefferson County is out. Apr 19 Miss Minnie PUMLEY Apr 22 J. A. HAMILTON Apr 25 Mrs. S. C. COPPLE of Keysport died here. Apr 27 W. Barg CASEY May 01 Seburn FRANCES May 01 R. I. COLEMAN former resident died at Mt. Carmel. May 03 Graham G. SMITH former resident died in St. Louis. May 05 Robert F. PACE ended life by drowning. May 10 Mrs. J. J. FLY May 11 Mrs. E. D. YOUNGBLOOD May 15 Frank SECHREST May 16 Chas. H. JUDD May 24 Mrs. Martha DICKERSON May 25 Harvey C. GIBSON May 26 Mrs. Kate MARTIN May 26 Mrs. W. B. CHAMBLISS May 27 R. R. DRAKE May 27 Sarah BAILEY May 29 James M. HALL May 30 Martin PRICE Jun 02 J. P. HARRISON pioneer citizen of Ashley. Jun 04 Mrs. C. D. RIGGS Jun 07 J. D. SHEPHERD of Opdyke Jun 07 Alfred BOND drowned Farrinton Twp. Jun 09 C. E McGUIRE Jun 11 Miss Lottie WEEKS Jun 12 James STULL killed by train at Richview. Jun 15 Carrie ESTES PETTIT Jun 17 Mrs. A. W. LAWRENCE Jun 23 James BLAKE killed Texas. Jun 28 Mrs. Ellen NEWMAN killed by lightning near Richview. Jul 01 Charles P. JOHNSON died in St. Louis. Jul 04 Mrs. Martha A. HOWELL Jul 05 W. H. POOLE Jul 09 Washington JOHNSON Jul 09 Fred WRIGHT died at Centralia. Jul 11 Mrs. Goodwin PERKINS died at LaGrange. Jul 24 Samuel CLIFTON died east of town. Jul 30 Sarah BALLARD Aug 01 Allan DINWIDIE Aug 13 A. W. HIGHSMITH Aug 17 Mrs. Jane DULANEY died near Marlow. Aug 19 Walter PIGG Aug 26 Mrs. Harry FLANERY Aug 28 Mrs. S. K. LATHAM died in St. Louis. Sep 01 Mrs. Nannie WARFIELD Sep 02 D. JOHNSON died in Denver. Sep 05 Theo. PANCER killed in a runaway near Waltonville. Sep 07 Miss Anna DAMON Sep 09 Mrs. Elizabeth McCORD Sep 11 Simeon W. MAXEY former resident died in Ellensburg, WA. Sep 11 Jasper DAVIS former resident of McClellan Twp. died in Geary, OK. Sep 12 Douglas ROBINSON of Pleasant Grove Sep 17 James L. CATES Sep 19 J. Logan BROWN died east of the city. Sep 24 Wilson Carroll WEBB died near Webb. Sep 25 Mrs. Annie HARPER Sep 26 Mrs. Millie KLEIN former resident died at the hospital. Sep 29 Mrs. J. P. DYLE died south of the city. Sep 30 Nathan THOMPSON died north of Woodlawn. Oct 01 John B. FLANNIGAN Oct 02 Edmund BARTON Oct 06 Preston PIGG Oct 08 Mrs. Nancy J. WRIGHT of Campground. Oct 10 Mrs. Rachel SIDES, colored. Oct 11 Joshua HOPPER Oct 15 F. J. BRUCE of Ina. Oct 16 Henry H. DICK Oct 16 Mrs. John CAMERON of Woodlawn Oct 19 B. F. SCOTT Oct 19 Mrs. M. CORDES Oct 19 A. N. PACE died in Montgomery, AL. Oct 20 Fred HENLEY run over by wagon loaded with coal and died. Oct 20 E. H. ROY Oct 21 Samuel W. JONES struck by L&N passenger train near Drivers. Oct 21 Mrs. L. B. KELLEY died in St. Louis. Oct 22 Mrs. Elizabeth BERNARD died as a result of burns, widow of Dr. Thomas BERNARD. Oct 22 Mrs. Amelia Jane GUTHRIE oldest resident who was born in the county. Oct 22 W. W. MERRITT died in St. Louis. Oct 24 Mrs. L. L. RECORD Oct 24 E. S. CLAYBORNE former resident hurt on Panama Canal died in Champaign. Oct 27 Rev. Duff H. WELLS former resident died at Carterville. Oct 29 Edgar LANDGRAF died of ptomaine poisoning. Oct 30 J. G. CROZIER former resident died at Masonic Home in Sullivan. Oct 30 Miss Anita HAYES former resident died in Fowler, CA. Oct 30 C. T. SULLANS, son-in-law of John P. GUTHRIE, killed by live wire at Webb City, MO. Oct 30 Rueie CARTER Oct 31 W. L. CROUCH Oct 31 Mrs. Ed CARTER of Dodds Oct 31 Infant dau. of Rufus WILLOUGHBY, Grand Prairie, died from eating headache tablets. Nov 01 Jessie Rhea SON Nov 01 Miss Nellie LUESE of Bluford Nov 01 Fred DEWEY shot while hunting near Arthur, IL. Nov 10 Strattan Elsea COHLMEYER shot while hunting near Richview. Nov 10 Willis A. KELLER of Bonnie Nov 11 Dr. C. H. McFALL Nov 12 David PRICE Nov 14 Moses F. BAGLEY former resident died in Evansville. Nov 15 O. M. PACE Nov 17 Carl WILSON Nov 18 Samuel T. LACEY died near Woodlawn. Nov 21 Mrs. Warner WHITE Nov 21 Robert GASTON of Dix Nov 23 Charles A. VAUGHN former resident died in Denver. Nov 28 Pink HAYES Nov 30 W. H. McCANN Dec 04 Bert ARTHURS former resident died in Seymour, IN. Dec 10 Corydon SLYGH Dec 11 Little daughter of James HUTCHISON died from burns. Dec 13 Jack T. KELLEY Dec 16 John RAMSDALE Dec 17 Iswell SNYDER died near Sheller. Dec 17 W. D. ROGERS former resident shot self in St. Louis. Dec 20 Mrs. Carle WILSON former resident died at Riverside, CA. Dec 24 Lela Belle ORD Dec 25 Mabel McKINLEY Dec 25 Grace GIBSON Dec 26 A. J. GRUEL of Campground Dec 26 Miss Rachel Ann HALLOWELL There were 166 deaths, 400 births, 292 marriages and 41 divorces in 1909. Compared to 212 deaths, 636 births, 298 marriages, 46 divorces in 1908,

    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Friday, January 28, 1910 TRIP TO CALIFORNIA HALF CENTURY AGO - Riley Breeze Writes From Lenoir, Tenn., Concerning Interesting Twelve Months Trip Editor Register: Just 51 years ago next April, myself and T. G. D. MAXEY, Oliver BAGWELL, Henry DeGROTE and Oliver SPROWL, of Jefferson County, started for the Golden Gate. We went to southwest Missouri and remained there near Springfield and Greenfield, Mo., for 30 days waiting for the grass to get up for our stock to subsist on before starting for the promised land. We started from there the 7th of May, 1859, with 33 persons with a train of 10 wagons, 700 head of cattle, about 100 head of horses, 100 sheep, a fine jack and his mate, one old negro woman, "Aunt Betty." She stood 6 feet 4 inches in her marching order, for she was about 70 years old, and walked nearly the whole trip of 2,000 miles. O, yes, we had a billy goat with our train and several fine canines to keep the wolves off. Each man was provided with two navy revolvers, and the ten teamsters all carried rifles and shot guns. So you see we were well heeled for an Indian scrap, which we came near having in Nebraska, on the Little Blue River. The Indians came running up behind me and made my mare throw me twice that afternoon and they followed us all evening until sun down, then left us, expecting an attack that night, but we started out on the road about 2 o'clock a.m. and heard no more of them, and we went on to the land of gold; was till October 10 getting to the Sacramento Valley, Cal. We tried our luck till winter, and Tom MAXEY, my cousin, got home sick and came back. I went up to Oregon, Washington and Victoria British Columbia, and returned to San Francisco, then sailed for Panama on the steamship "Sonora". While on the gulf of Tehaustepec, on the west coast of Mexico we encountered a bad storm which lasted 48 hours. Our ship sprung a leak and they had to keep the pumps running all the way to Panama, and when we anchord in Panama Bay there was 7 1/2 feet of water in the hold. So we landed all O. K. and jumped the Panama railroad for Aspenwall, which is now called Colon. There we took ship on the old "Star of the West" and started for New York. When out only one night she broke one of her shafts, and then we put in for Havana, Cuba, layed there three days for repairs so that gave the 750 passengers a chance to go ashore and see the city and the senoritas, and there is the first place where I took a lesson in the Spanish language. They have a way of teaching the Americans to speak some of the language. We sailed for New York and got there the same as if nothing had happened. So I got back home in just 12 months and 2 days, and now I want to say that there is only 2 of the 33 that crossed the plains together in 1859 that are living and we are both natives of Jefferson County - J. O. BAGWELL and myself. RILEY BREEZE, Lenoir, Tenn.
    February 21, 1910 Mt. Vernon Daily Register Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera Sept 28, 1997 BANKER IS FOUND DEAD Man Who Embezzled Funds Supposed To Be Suicide Logansport Man Gambled in Wheat and Confessed to Taking Over Half Million Dollars Logansport, Ind. Feb. 21 The body of John F. Johnson, former president of the State National Bank of this city, was found floating in the Wabash River. Johnson served six years in prison following his confession that he had embezzled $550,000 of the banks funds. Recently he had been a grain broker. It is presumed he committed suicide. Johnson's watch and jewelry were found in his clothing and there is no suspicion that he was robbed and murdered. Two months ago he lost heavily in a transaction in wheat and sold his home to meet his debts, it was explained by his friends after his body was found. He had since been dejected. Johnson always was fascinated by the fluctuations of the wheat market. At the time of his trial, in 1897, for embezzlement of the bank funds of his bank, he testified that if the bank examiner had given him one more day of grace he could have made a great fortune "in wheat."

    September 28, 1910 Mt. Vernon Daily Register Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera Sept 28, 1997  PIGG SAVES TRAIN FROM WRECK ON SOUTHERN Broken Rail Discovered on Curve in Yards in Time to Prevent Trouble - Train Crew Delighted.  "Dutch " Pigg prevented a wreck on the Southern this morning, and had the train been on time Mr. Pigg would not have had the opportunity to prove himself a hero. Mr. Pigg was on his way to work at the store of R. L. Stratton and was plodding along the Southern yards about 6:30 when he discovered one of the rails broken in three pieces and one piece entirely missing. As soon as this startling discovery was made he began looking for some one to notify, but he soon decided that the thing for him to do was to run back and flag a train that was just coming into town. Putting his intention into effect he started down the track at break-neck speed and waving his arms frantically he got the engineer's attention strong enough to get him to stop. As the train was brought to a standstill, Engineer Billie Miller jumped from the cab and ran forward to ascertain the cause of the train being flagged and when he learned the cause he grabbed "Dutch" Pigg and almost shook him to pieces, he was so overjoyed. The train was late and was coming around the curve at a rapid clip, and a bad wreck would have been the result had the train proceeded a few feet further. Mr. Pigg does not think he did anything unusual, but the train crew know that he did and they were over joyed at their escape. This morning was unusally cool, and it is believed to have been the cause of the rail breaking. It has been suggested that perhaps the rail had not been sufficiently bent to meet the curve angle, and had been put down in a strain, combined with the cool weather, caused it to snap.

    March 05, 1910 Mt. Vernon, IL Daily News Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta ADVERTISED LETTER LIST The following list of letters remain unclaimed at the post office in Mt. Vernon for the week ending March 5th, 1910. When calling for any of them please say "advertised". Ed ATCHISON, Miss Grace ATWOOD, Miss Lena BAILEY, Elmer BLICKLEY, DODSON Trio, James B. DOWLING, Susie DAVIS, Lawrence FRIEMAN, O . F. GLENN, E. E. GELTS, Miss Myrtle HICKS, J. F. HERMAN, Mrs. Mattie MUELLECKER, Miss Bessie McCLURE, J. OLIER, Daisy PAGE, Fren POWERS, E. T. RAINEY, Robert TOPING, W. B. WILSON, S. WILLIAMS, F. P. DIETZ (4th class).....................G. G. GILBERT, P.M. Mt. Vernon, IL Daily News - Tuesday, March 15, 1910 FAIRFAX, IOWA, March 10, 1910 Editor, Mt. Vernon News, Mt. Vernon, IL Dear Sir: Mrs. James WESTCOTT, Sr., better known as Aunt Mag, a former resident of Jefferson County for a great many years, and who is now 72 years of age, but just as spry as a great many people of 40, does all her own housework, washing and ironing, and is able to walk any distance she desires, as she is not crippled in any manner. Since the 26th of January she has sewed 98 yards of goods entirely by hand, doing a great deal of ruffling and trimming with both lace and embroidery. She has made her residence at Fairfax, Iowa for the past 12 years and is highly respected by all for being honest and upright. She hopes at some future time to see and have a talk with her old Mt. Vernon friends........From a Friend


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