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    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - January 23, 1908
    In Hospital at Anna - One Died Last Year and Seven Discharged
    The annual report of the condition of the patients from 
    Jefferson County in the hospital at Anna is furnished by 
    W. L. ATHON, the superintendent, and it shows that during 
    the last year but one of the patients from this county died 
    and that seven were discharged.
    In the report that follows, the first contition is the physical, 
    while the second is that of the mind.  There are at present 51 
    patients in the hospital.
    Barbara RANGE, good, stat'y
    Mary A. PIPER, good, stat'y
    Jane DIAL, fair, stat'y
    George COOK, good, stat'y
    Mary J. AIKEN, good, improved
    Minerva E. WILSON, good, stat'y
    Morton L. MAYFIELD, good, stat'y
    Mary E. JARRELL, good, stat'y
    Victor ELLWANGER, fair, stat'y
    Feriba Jane BLACK, poor, improved
    John COPPLE, fair, stat'y
    Lilly May ARBUCKLE, good, stat'y
    Maggie GRACZEK, good, stat'y
    Susan M. JOHNSON, good, stat'y
    John N. B. DAVID, fair, stat'y
    Mary A. RUSSELL, good, stat'y
    Josephine COVINGSTON, good, stat'y
    Joseph DACHWALD, good, stat'y
    Hattie WIGGINS, poor, stat'y
    Loren SMITH, good, stat'y
    Lizzie PATE, good, stat'y
    Chas. McKENZIE, fair, failing
    David L. ADAMS, good, stat'y
    John R. GARDNER, fair, improved
    Albert McLAUGHLIN, good, stat'y
    Benjamin BUSH, fair, stat'y
    Luther N. WAITE, good, stat'y
    Frank BETTLEJESKI, good, improved
    Affy R. DARE, good, excited
    James L. BLACKLEDGE, fair, stat'y
    Ella ALLEN, fair, improved
    Chas. S. SNOW, fair, stat'y
    Henry J. BADGETT, fair, stat'y
    Julia M. HILL, good, improved
    Reiney SCRIVNER, good, improved
    Emma Jane GUYMAN, good, stat'y
    Geo. W. GREGORY, fair, stat'y
    Francis R. SMITH, good, stat'y
    Catherine JONES, fair, stat'y
    Lillian BROWDER, good, stat'y
    John FERGUSON, fair, stat'y
    Sarah J. DALE, frail, improved
    Cora Belle HARVEY, good, improved
    Bertha BOOK, good, stat'y
    John F. LEONARD, fair, improved
    Martha S. CAMERON, good, stat'y
    Isabelle GRAY, poor, stat'y
    Montie SMITH, good, improved
    Vernon WAGGONER, poor, stat'y
    John S. MCCLLELAN, fair, stat'y
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Monday, June 15, 1908 UNUSUAL CELEBRATION - Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Hogue, Former Residents, Celebrate 73rd Wedding Anniversary. P. F. HOGUE and wife, who live near Cutler, Ill., and who formerly resided in Jefferson County, are said to be the oldest married couple in the state. They were married in Princeton, Ind., February 23, 1835 and have therefore spent more than 73 years together as husband and wife. Mr. HOGUE was born in Indiana, April 19, 1816 and he is now in his 93rd year. Mrs. HOGUE, who was Miss Elizabeth STORMAHT prior to her marriage was born in Elkton County, KY., November 18, 1818, her age being almost 90 years. In the year 1843, they came to Illinois overland and settled in this county where they remained until the year 1847, when they removed to Warren County where they resided 21 years. They returned to Jefferson County in 1868 and purchased a farm on which they lived _____ 1870, when they decided to locate in Perry County in order to enjoy church privileges of the denomination to which they belonged, the Reformed Presbyterian Church, where they now reside. Eleven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. HOGUE, six of whom are living. The old couple are reasonably hale and hearty and Mr. HOGUE cultivates a vegetable garden, in which it is almost impossible to find a weed; he allows no one but himself to work in the garden. It is believed that they will live to celebrate their diamond or 75th wedding anniversary, which will occur in less than two years. The aged couple have lived consistent christian lives and are noted for their faithful and conscientious performance of the obligations of tight living, and are loved and respected by all who know them. Samuel H. ARCHER and R. M. MUMFORD, two of their old neighbors and friends of Princeton, Ind., have just returned from a visit with them and stopped in Mt. Vernon a few days on their way home.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - June 27, 1908 AMONG HOME COMERS - Some of Former Jefferson County People Who are Home Again and Attending Chautauqua Mrs. Will SEYMOUR, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. A. Q. MITCHELL and daughter, Marion, Ill. Mrs. Nettie WELLS, Benton, Ill. Chas. D. PALMER and wife, Greeley, Colorado. H. E. DeJARNETT and wife, of Evansville, Ind. G. W. MONTGOMERY and wife, Pocahontas, Ill. Mrs. Lulu LOUIS and son, Cincinnati, Ohio. Mrs. Minnie RAYMOND, Bloomington, Illinois. Mrs. George LEWIS, Pocahontas, Ark. Mrs. Francis H. CLARK, Wayne City, Illinois. Mrs. Laura BALDRIDGE, Waltonville, Ill. Mrs. C. BALDRIDGE, Waltonville, Ill. Miss Meda NORRIS, Waltonville, Ill. Misses Mabel and Stella BURNS, Howell, Ind. Mrs. A. E. EDINGTON, Enfield, Ill. Mrs. Lou L. ROGERS, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. W. E. MOORE, Charlott, Mich. Ruth GUTHRIE, Webb City, Mo. Dr. A. G. BROWN and family, St. Louis, Missouri. Miss. E. L. MOORE, Centralia, Ill. Miss Grace CHAPIN, Bloomington, Ill. T. H. TUTTLE, Ashley, Ill. Vesta SANFORD, Fresno, Cal. May ROEDEL, Shawneetown, Ill. John DODDS, Denver, Colo. Mrs. Carrie FULTON, Conant, Ill. Paul WHITACRE and family, Brush, Col. R. F. CESEY, Kell, Ill. J. R. BAKER and family, New York. May E. PETERSON, Sandoval, Ill. E. W. NEAL, Knoxville, Tenn. May GLEASON, Birmingham, Ala. O. P. MILLER, St. Elmo, Ill. May L. P. EATON, Memphis, Tenn. Mrs. B. Hun_ BRANNON, Orlando, Cal. Mrs. Addie WHICHER, Peoria, Ill. O. H. KIMMEL, East St. Louis, Ill. Dr. Harry C. MOSS, Albion, Ill. Mrs. Mary LYONS, Birmingham, Ala. Mrs. Rolla CROWDER, Howell, Ind. Bernard CROWDER, Howell, Ind. Mrs. S. D. HAYES, Fowler, Cal. Morris EMMERSON, Lincoln, Ill. Mrs. Harvey WHITE, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Hattie THURSTON, Hot Springs, South Dakota. Mrs. and Mrs. J. H. BURNS and son, Howell, Ind. Seth F. CREWS, Chicago, Ill. Frances JARRETT, Howell, Ind. Frank BAUGH and family, Evansville, Indiana. Ed STRATTAN and family, Evansville Helen WHITE, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Dr. HUGHEY, Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. L. G. HEID and family, San Jose, Cal. Mrs. W. YOST and daughter, Los Angeles, Cal. Mrs. Lydia M. COLLINS, Arthur, Ill. Dr. W. C. PACE, Ashley, Ill. Mrs. Nora DAUGHENBAUGH, Springfield, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. WAITE, Olney, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Ed DeJARNETT with their two children Barton and Elizabeth, of Evansville, Ind., visited the families of their cousins W. F. and J. H. SON yesterday. They also attended home coming day at chautauqua park. Mr. DeJARNETT is a former Mt. Vernon boy and has not been in the city for 16 years. He complimented the King City very highly on its growth since he was here last. From the Assessor's Book - Assessor J. P. CROOKER gives the following figures regarding the assessment of Mt. Vernon Township. The book shows that the township has 1,243 horses, 1,242 cattle, 80 mules, 192 sheep, 1,133 hogs, 14 steam engines, 73 fireproof safes, 644 vehicles, 476 watches, 653 sewing machines, 311 pianos, 181 organs, 404 dogs. The value of the merchandise is given at $215,650 and full cash value of personal property at $1,138,736.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Friday, August 7, 1908 HISTORY OF INTEREST - Is the Genealogy of Patton Family Descendants of William of Cambridge are Many. Frank E. PATTON has just received a genealogy of the PATTEN family, which dates back to the time of William PATTEN; of Cambridge, Mass., who was born in 1635, in England. The names of the early members of the family was spelled PATTEN, but in later years it was changed to PATTON. The genealogy contains the names of hundreds of descendants of William PATTEN, and a record of every birth to the ninth generation given. The record of the death of William PATTEN shows that the year was 1669, on April 2. In the first family the names of six children are given. From the William PATTEN, of Cambridge, came the know PATTENs, of America. His descendants number almost one thousand, and they are distributed in all parts of the world. The name of the father of Frank E. PATTON, of this city, was Eliphalet Warner, and he was born in Warehouse Point, Conn., October 4, 1832. He died February 5, 1881. The children in addition to Frank were Charles H., Albert W., Adelaide Mandana, Arthur W., and Byron Eugene. In the list of descendants the name of William occurs 34 times; Mary, 32 times; Charles, 21; John, 19; Elizabeth, 11; Edward, 10; Robert, 9; Albert, 9; Alice, 8; Frank, 7; Arthur, 5; Lucy, 6; Fred, Kate and May, 4; Pearl, 2; Nellie Otto, Lulu, Lillie, Love, Experience, and Ruby, 1. The PATTENs originated in England but there were not many of them. The early English records have but few mentions of the name. In the fifth generation the death of John PATTEN, of Norton, Mass., is recorded. His will is given and one of the articles in the will is the disposition of his walking cane, great bible and $4, which he left to his son Samuel. Abigal and Sarah were given all the household articles and to Susanna and Lucy he left each $25.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - August 18, 1908 50th Anniversary of John CARPENTER. The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - August 22, 1908 Article in this paper of the family record of J. P. CROOKER and indicates that it goes back 600 years.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - November 27, 1908 Burrell HAWKINS and Mamie OSBORN were married in Louisville, Kentucky.


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