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    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Thursday, January 17, 1907
    The annual report of the Jefferson County inmates at Anna Hospital, 
    as received by County Clerk PHILLIPS, is here given. The condition 
    first following the name is the physical, the second the mental condition.
    Barbara RANGE, fair, stat'y
    Mary A. PIPER, good, stat'y
    Jane DIAL, good, stat'y
    George COOK, good, stat'y
    Mary J. AIKEN, good, stat'y
    Minerva P. WILSON, good, stat'y
    Morton L. MAYFIELD, good, stat'y
    Mary E. JARRELL, good, stat'y
    Victor ELLWANGER, good, stat'y
    Feriba Jane BLACK, fair, stat'y
    John COPPLE, good, stat'y
    Lily May ARBUCKLE, good, improved
    Maggie GRACZEK, good, stat'y
    Susan M. JOHNSON, good, stat'y
    John N. B. DAVID, good, stat'y
    Mary A. RUSSELL, good, stat'y
    Josephine COVINGTON, good, stat'y
    Joseph DUCHWALD, good, stat'y
    Hattie WIGGINS, good, stat'y
    Loven SMITH, good, stat'y
    Lizzie PATE, fair, stat'y
    Chas. McKENZIE, good, stat'y
    David L. ADAMS, good, stat'y
    John R. GARDNER, good, improved
    Albert McLAUGHLIN, good, stat'y
    Benjamin BUSH, good, stat'y
    Luther N. WAITE, good, improved
    Frank BETTEJESKI, good, stat'y
    Affy R. DARE, good, stat'y
    James I. BLACKLEDGE, fair, stat'y
    Ella ALLEN, good, improved
    Chas. S. SNOW, fair, stat'y
    Harry J. PADGETT, good, stat'y
    Emma COLLINS, fair, improved
    Julia M. HILL, good, improved
    Louisa M. JOHNSON, good,improved
    Reiney SCRIVNER, good, umimporved
    Chloe I. K. SCARBOROUGH, fair, improved
    Emma J. GUYMAN, good, improved
    Geo. W. GREGORY, fair, improved
    Willis PIPER, good, improved
    Thos. D. STARKEY, good, improved
    Mary E. COPPLE, fair, improved
    Francis R. SMITH, good, stat'y
    Rosa W. HARVEY, good, improved
    Catherine JONES, fair, improved
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL Saturday, August 31, 1907 Miss Stella McFATRIDGE, formerly a resident of this city, was married at the home of her aunt, Mrs. W. H. CARTER, in Fairfield Wednesday, August 28, to Harry P. WEBB, assistant cashier in the Ewing bank. The groom is a nephew of R. L. and A. D. WEBB of this city. The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL Saturday, August 31, 1907 SEARCHING FOR MOTHER - Mrs. William FENTON of near Dix, who recently removed to this county from South Dakota, has been searching the country over for the last six years in an attempt to find her mother whom she has not seen since she was a very small girl. Mrs. FENTON's maiden name was Mary Ellen FREDERICK and she is looking for her mother, Mrs. A. Maria FREDERICK. After the war her father, Jacob FREDERICK, deserted his wife and took the daughter with him, and the mother's search for the daughter failed. The child was called Mary Rebecca, but the father changed the name to Mary Ellen. The daughter married and it was not till six years ago that she and her husband knew Mrs. FENTON was stolen. Mrs. FENTON stated to a representative of the REGISTER that she thought her mother was in the South.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - Wednesday, September 11, 1907, page 3 BIRTHDAY DINNER - At the home of Aunt Prudence J. WILLIAMS, familiarly known as "Aunt Prudy," five miles east of town, Sunday, September 8, the relatives and friends gathered to the number of about 70, the occasion being Aunt Prudy's 72d birthday anniversary. The relatives and friends had planned to give her a surprise birthday dinner and all came with baskets well filled of the best of eatables, but before the noon hour arrived Aunt Prudy surmised something was being done, so she prepared to help eat a big dinner. At 12 o'clock dinner was announced and we sat down to as bounteous a feast of good things to eat as was ever prepared, and the way we ate to grandma's health will not be forgotten in many years to come. There were present three of her daughters, Kizziah E. SHELTON, Julia A. HIGHSMITH, Nancy J. SCOTT, and their families, and her only son, Samuel B. WILLIAMS and family; her other daughter, Mrs. Mary RAINEY, was ill and unable to attend. Four generations were represented; 21 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren were present, besides a host of relatives and friends. The day was very pleasantly spent in conversation, meeting some of those who had not been together for years; we were favored with some excellent solos by Miss Anna ETHRIDGE; and last but not least, all formed a compact squad and had our pictures taken by our young photographer, Jas. RAINEY. When the hour came for us to depart we very reluctantly did so, all extending to Grandma WILLIAMS a good word of cheer wishing her many another such day as the one just spent with her at the old homestead. A RELATIVE


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