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    Mt. Vernon, IL - The Daily Register - Thursday, June 14, 1906
    Advertised Letters - Remaining in office for week ending June 9.  
    When calling for these letters please say advertised.
    R. B. BUTLER, J. C. BURKETT, P. BYARD, Oscar BORAH, Harvey BRUCE, 
    William BURNS, L. C. BROWN, Mrs. Catherine BOSTER, Clifton BIZOT, 
    V. A. BARNES, M. D. BAINEY, Chris BAUGH, Thomas CLAYTON, Elmer CAUDLE, 
    Otto CHAPLAIN, Nick COLVER, George COX, Howard CRUM, W. T. CROUCH, 
    Thomas COLEMAN, Arie COLE, Carl J. COLE, Mrs. Sarah CLARK and Family, 
    Joseph DIXON, Walter DUNCAN, James DEWEES, Miss Eva DERRINGTON, 
    Ray DEAN, Charles DAVIS, A. J. DAVIS, T. J. DALE, Charles ELLER, 
    Charles ERICSON, Charlie ELLIS, Harry EMMERSON, Charles P. EDWARD, 
    Henry EAGLE, Aly FIELDS, William FISHER, Thomas FISHER, C. C. FISHER, 
    James FELTY, John L. GROVES, G. G. GILES, Thomas GRAHAM, L. J. GREEN, 
    Roman J. GADJRWSKI, Rolla A. GROVES, Charles W. GROBE, James HARLAN, 
    Andrew W. HARLAW, Clyde HUNTER, Miss Mary HORATE, Mrs. John HOLCOMB, 
    Mrs. N. Grant HARING, D. J. HARGETT, Walter N. HALE, Oscar HAYNES, 
    R. F. HARLOW, J. W. ISAACS, Sherman ING, Roy JONES, O. L. JACKSON, 
    W. A. JORDAN, Alva JONES, A. JONES, Miss Nellie JENKINS, George JEFFRIES, 
    E. M. LORD, Mrs. Dora LYON, Charles LEWIS, Wm. H. LEWIS, Charlos MYERS, 
    C. MAHER, Mrs. Mattie MAHOFFY, Dan MINOR, Leander MILLER, J. M. MECUM, 
    Charles F. MEYERS, Chas. D. McMILLAN, Ben OSBOURN, Samuel ORRICH, 
    Walter OWENS, Wayne OSBORN, Jim PILLS, Olin PASLEY, Fred QUINN, 
    William H. RHYMES, Bert ROGERS, G. A. RUSSELL, Henry J. RHODES, 
    Rev. Will RYEN, George REYNOLDS, Miss Amy REED, A. S. RANDOLPH, 
    James SUTTLE, J. O. STEIN, Alfred SIMONDS, Herby SHIRLEY, 
    Miss Bessie SHORT, Charles TALBOTT, John TROTTER, A. B. THOMPSON, 
    Dock THOMAS, J. W. THORN, Pat WILLIS, C. B. WILSON, Ernest WELCH, 
    John WALLS, Laura WELLS, Jackson WALLS, Jas. A. WATSON, W. D. WOODLAWN, 
    Richard WEBB, Raymond WARD, John W. WEBBER, Andy J. WHITE.
    G. G. GILBERT, P.M.
    Mt. Vernon, IL - The Daily Register - Wednesday, June 20, 1906 Miss Grace KOONCE is working at Monroe TAYLOR's this week. Misses Mollie and Sarah HODGE visited in Elk Prairie Sunday. Arthur COCKRUM, of St. Louis, is spending a few days with relatives in this place. Miss Dorcas TAYLOR died June 12 of apoplexy of the brain, she had a lingering spell of sickness and had been in a very bad condition for 2 months but finally was called away. The remains were laid to rest in the Sugar Camp Grave Yard near Marlow. She leaves a father, two brothers, two sisters and one half brother to mourn her loss, besides a host of friends and other relatives. Oak Dale School closed Thursday with Mrs. Fannie E. DALBY teacher. An excellent program was rendered on the last day and a number of visitors were present. Our teacher was a good one and the school was dismissed with sadness. The Ina school also closed on Thursday with Charles MOSBERGER as teacher. No program was rendered but a good school preceded. Tuesday, June 12th, was a day made memorable by a host of people, as this was Barnet CLINTON'S 40th birthday. A congregation of about 250 people gathered at his home to celebrate his birthday. Mr. Clinton was away form home at the time most of the crowd arrived and when he came he was surprised to see such a large number although it greatly pleased him. A table about 50 feet long was erected, while almost everything imaginable was there to eat. After dinner there was instrumental music and also chin music. In the afternoon a short talk was made by Rev. Davis CLINTON which was very pleasing to the audience. People were present from Trenton, Benton, Sessor, Dareville, Fitzgerrell, Bonnie, Mt. Vernon, St. Louis and all over the surrounding neighborhood. At a late hour in the afternoon all departed for their homes wishing many more such happy occasions and wishing Mr. CLINTON many other pleasant birthdays. Mr. CLINTON treated gentlemen to excellent cigars. Mrs. Amanda CLINTON and Miss Emma FENTON, of Trenton, were present at the birthday dinner and visited relatives at this place last week. Mrs. CLINTON is a real old lady and the crowd was delighted to see her present. They returned to their home Saturday morning.
    Mt. Vernon, IL - The Daily Register - July 9, 1906 FAMILY REUNION - A reunion of the ADAMS family was held at the home of our esteemed citizen, John W. ADAMS, in Opdyke, Ill., on July 4, 1906, at which time were present the following members of the family: Mrs. Julia REDMAN, Norris City; Mrs. Belle PRITCHETT and husband, Enfield; Mrs. Mary O. MYERS, Texico; Mr. and Mrs. Abe ADAMS, Fairfield; R. Z. ADAMS, Enfield; Samuel ADAMS, Poplar Bluff, Mo; D. N. ADAMS and Mrs. Dora CAUDLE, of Decatur, and quite a number of other guests and friends of the family, in all about 50 persons being present. At the noon hour we were advised that a lunch awaited our attention and we were conducted to a cool, shady spot on the lawn and were introduced to a table loaded down with all the good things that could be conjured up by the mind of a good housewife, and amid the pleasant jests and inimitable wit of Dave WRIGHT, we availed ourselves of the opportunity afforded us. This is the first time since 1865, when John W. ADAMS came home from the Civil War, that all of these brothers and sisters had been together and the afternoon was spent in a pleasant visit, after which the guests all departed to their respective homes. This occasion will long be remembered by those present, especially the ADAMS family.
    Mt. Vernon, IL - The Daily Register - Thursday, July 12, 1906 Opdyke Column - Since the 4th of July is over we will try and tell you the news from this place. Opdyke furnished her share of people for two occasions. Among the out of town visitors for the last week were, Mrs. BLACKWELL and children of Bourbon, Ill.; Mrs. Jas. ANDREWS of Decatur, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. JONES and daughter of Decatur, Ill.; Mr. Geo. CASNER of St. Louis, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. N. T. JONES and daughter of Mt. Vernon; C. W. WHITE and family of St. Louis; Mrs. Emma SMITH of E. St. Louis; Worney ROACH of St. Louis; Oscar WARD of Robards, KY. A number of families from Opdyke and the vicinity spent a very happy 4th of July in the grove at the home of J. C. BARNS and mother. Among those present were the families of C. W. POLEN, J. W. BROUGHER, Ed POLEN, Fred CORNELIUS, E. E. CORNELIUS, Ed MILLER, J. J. PENNING, J. J. FOGGARTY, A. D. ANGLE and Rev. SHERIDAN. Each family took a basket of good things to eat, the host furnished ice cream and the dinner like the rest of the day's program was a success. Mr. Turner YOUNG, who has been agent at New Memphis for several months was moved to Woodlawn July 2 and given the agency there. Woodlawn is fortunate in gaining two such people as Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG for they are two of Opdyke's best, and that is pretty good. On Tuesday, July 3rd, the relatives and friends of J. W. JONES gathered at his home with baskets of good things to eat and spent the day in having a general good time. The Occasion was to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Jas. W. and Geo. W. JONES. Those of the relatives present were the families of A. C. and O. A. JONES of Opdyke, Geo. W. JONES of Howell, N. T. JONES of St. Louis, Mrs. S. G. BLACKWELL and children of Bourbon, Ill., and Mrs. J. D. ANDREWS of Decatur. There were about 40 present, being many friends besides the relatives and all will remember the day as a very pleasant hour. The families of Ed JONES and Geo. GOLDEN spent Sunday last at J. W. REED's. Mr. Leonard WIMBERLY, who has been here some time studying telegraphy has gone to Woodlawn to finish his course with Mr. YOUNG. Mrs. C. A. BOSWELL who has been visiting in Ashley for the past month came here Friday for a visit with relatives here. Willis HAMILTON who has been visiting his grandparents at Iuka, Ill. returned home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed BERRY who have been here for the past three months, left Saturday for Johnson City where they expect to stay for a while. Mr. BERRY has been a student of the telegraph school at this place. Mr. and Mrs. BERRY will be missed by their many friends as they were popular with both young and old. Seventeen members of the Mt. Vernon Masonic Lodge visited Jefferson Lodge 368 at this place on last Wednesday night and conferred the third degree on two candidates. The members of this lodge appreciate their presence and assistance and hope they'll come again. Dr. WILLIAMSON received the furnishings for his office last week and has a neat well equipped room and is now ready for business. He is located in the I.O.O.F. building just over the Post Office. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence HUSER of Teutopolis, Ill. are here visiting Mrs. HUSER's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ADKISSON. Ed JONES, Jr., who has been working as night operator at a block station near Mt. Vernon, Ind., came home sick last week but is improving and expects to be at work again in a few days.
    Mt. Vernon, IL - The Daily Register - Thursday, July 12, 1906 ANNUAL REPORT On Jefferson County Patients at the Hospital in Anna The annual report on the condition of the Jefferson County patients in the hospital at Anna shows there are 51 there, and that so far this year James BOGGS, Mary HANCOCK and Harry SHAFFER have died, and that Marshall HAUSS and Myrta ROBINSON have been discharged. In giving the condition of the patients the first word following the name describes the physical condition, the second the mental condition. The report is as follows: Vincent WOOD, good; stat'y Barbara RANGE, fair; stat'y Mary A. PIPER, good; stat'y Jane DIAL, good, stat'y George COOK, good; stat'y Mary J. AIKEN, good; stat'y Minerva E. WILSON, good; stat'y Morton L. MAYFIELD, good; stat'y Mary E. JARRELL, good, stat'y Victor ELLWANGER, good; stat'y Ferriba Jane BLACK, fair; improved John COPPLE, good, stat'y Lily May Arbuckle, good; improved Maggie GRACZEK, good; improved Sherman MEZO, fair; stat'y Minnie BOOK, good; much improved Susan M. JOHNSON, good; stat'y John N. B. DAVID, good; stat'y Mary A. RUSSELL, fair; stat'y Josephine COVINGTON, fair; stat'y Joseph DACHWALD, fair; stat'y Mary COWGER, good; stat'y Hattie WIGGINS, fair; stat'y Loren SMITH, good; stat'y Lizzie PATE, good; stat'y Chas. McKINSIE, good; stat'y Stella M. MASSEY, good; improved David L. ADAMS, good; stat'y Julius ANGELL, fair; excited John R. GARDNER, good; improved Albert McLAUGHLIN, good; improved Benjamin BUSH, good; stat'y Luther N. WAITE, good; excited Frank BETLEJESKI, good; stat'y Affy R. DARE, goodl; excited Jas. I. BLACKLEDGE, good; stat'y Lillian BROWDER, good; improved Daisy ORE, good; much improved Matilda WOOD, very feeble; stat'y Ella ALLEN, good; improved Chas. S. SNOW, good; improved Henry J. PADGETT, good; stat'y Emma COLLINS, fair; improved Julia M. HILL, good; improved Louisa M. JOHNSON, good; stat'y Frank FAULKNER, good; stat'y Reiney SCRIVNER, fair; unimproved S. P. LASWELL, good; improved Chloe L. K. SCARBOROUGH, poor; unimproved Jesse STARKEY, good; improved Emma Jane GUYMAN, unimproved


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