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    The Daily Register - September 9, 1905
    The tenth annual reunion of the SMITH family was held Friday at 
    Smith's Cemetery in the northwest corner of Moores Prairie.  
    There was present at the meeting about 200 members of the SMITH 
    family though all of them do not bear the name of SMITH.  
    Interesting talks were made by Kirby SMITH, Ben SMITH, John A. SMITH, 
    Joseph CROSNOE, Thos. ATCHINSON and others and in their talks many 
    interesting stories of the early life of the pioneer SMITHs were told.  
    The first school and the first church built in Moores Prairie the SMITHs 
    were instrumental in the construction and organization.  The Moores Prairie 
    Baptist Church was organized at the home of Isaac SMITH near where the 
    reunion was held.  It was organized in 1834 before the division in the 
    Baptist Church and the organization still exists.
    Abraham SMITH, great-grandfather of Kirby SMITH, was born in Baltimore 
    in 1729 and was a captain in the Navy under John Paul JONES.  He was the 
    father of five sons.  One of them, Isaac SMITH, came to Illinois from 
    Tennessee in 1829, settling in Moores Prairie and the descendants from him, 
    now living number 435 and Kirby SMITH, the historian of the family, has the 
    addresses of each one.  The descendants of the third generation number 14, 
    from the fourth 115, from the fifth 263, from the sixth 43, all living.  
    The day was not a pleasant one overhead but this unfavorable condition did 
    not in the least dampen the interest of those present.  The officers are 
    Ben SMITH, President; Fred THOMPSON, Secretary; and Kirby SMITH, Historian.
    The Daily Register - Tuesday, January 16, 1905 FROM THE OLD RECORDS - Many Things of Interest Found - Six Marriage Licenses in 1819 A look through some of the old records in the County Clerk's office revealed some interesting happenings in early days. In 1819 there was six marriage licenses issued, the contracting parties being: Garrison GREENWOOD and Elizabeth JORDAN Martin MAXWELL and Matilda GREENWOOD Thomas M. CASEY and Harriet MAXEY Abraham P. CASEY and Valynda MAXEY Bennet N. MAXEY and Sally OVERBAY (Number 6 is not mentioned.) Rev. Lewis JOHNSON and Esquire Oliver NORRIS were the ones mentioned as having performed the marriage ceremonies. In 1820 there was a slight increase in the marriage license record, nine having been issued in that year. Reports of the County Commissioners are given in detailed manner and the names of Zadoc CASEY, Flemming GREENWOOD and Joseph JORDAN appeared in the reports as esquires. Receipts for fines assessed in the Circuit Court against offenders were also found, and presumably the offenders feared calling for these. In 1844, there is a receipted bill for D. BAUGH for Fire Irons $2.50; Shovel and tongs $1.75; Broom $.25; By this receipt it will be seen that brooms were about the same price then as today, but were of a different make up.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - July 8, 1905 PATIENTS AT ANNA - Annual Rport As to Condition Given by Superintendent Athon The anual report of the patients from this county at Anna is furnished by Supt. W. L. ATHON. The first conditon following the name is physical and the last is mental: The conditon of these is good and stationary: Vincent WOOD, Barbary RANGE, Mary CONGER, Hattie WIGGINS, Harry SHAFFER, John COPPLE, Maggie GRACZAK, Susan JOHNSON, Mary PIPER, Jane DIAL, Geo. COOK, Mary AIKEN, Minerva WILSON, Martha Mayfield, Victor ELLWANGER, A. HAWKINS, J. N. B. DAVID, Mary RUSSELL, Josephine COVINGTON, J. A. BOGGS, Loren SMITH, Lizzie PATE, Chas. McKENZIE, D. L. ADAMS, M. W. HAUSS, Benj. BUSH, Offy DARE. The condition of these is good and improved: Mary JARRELL, Fred WRIGHT, Albert McLAUGHLIN, Creighton WYCOFF, Tilly May ARBUCKLE, Julias ANGLE, J. R. GARDNER, Luther WAITE, Frank BITLYESKI. The condtion of these is good and much improved: Minnie BOOK, Lewis SPANGLER, Sarah LITTLETON, J. A. HOWELL. The conditon of these is fair and improved: Mary HANCOCK, Lizzie PATE, Stella MASSEY, Daisy ARCHAMBALT, Jane BLACK, Sherman MEZO and Joseph Dachwald is feeble and stationary.
    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - September 7, 1905 "THE BOYS IN BLUE" of Sixteenth (Sixtieth) Illinois Have a Fine Reunion. FORTY-FOUR MEMBERS HERE - James STULL of Dahlgren, Aged 88, Oldest Veteran Present. The thirty-ninth annual reunion of the Sixtieth Illinois, held in this city Wednesday and Thursday, is said to be one of the pleasantest reunions in the history of the association. Forty-four were present, nearly half the surviving members of the regiment. The afternoon of Wednesday was taken up with registering the visitors. At night the city hall was crowded with members of the regiment and their friends who came to hear the entertainment, given by local talent, and which the boys in blue warmly appreciated. The Woodman band played several selections before the entertainment began. F. L. FERGERSON, president of the association, presided at the meeting, and the success of the entertainment, as well as the reunion as a whole is largely due to his efforts. All the numbers, both musical and literary, were finely rendered and the entertainment was one of the best ever given in our city. After a song by the audience, "All Hail the Power of Jesus Name," Comrade S. T. MAXEY delivered the invocation. The following program was given: Song, "Where Did You Come From, Baby Dear?" - Eugenia MOSS. Recitation, "Our Folks" - Mable FERGERSON. Male Quartette, "Old Wayside Cross" - Messrs. BEESLEY, VanCLEVE, YANDELL and PHILLIPS. Recitation, "Darius Green and His Flying Machine" - Robert MOSS. Song, "Come Where the Blue Bells Ring" - Bessie MOSS. Talk - Comrade John A. WALL. Reading, "Whistling Regiment" - Miss Helen HARTNAGEL. Piano Solo - Miss Addie UNCAPHER. Reading, "The Cedar Rapids Sleeper" - Miss Rhoda SEED. By request, Little Mabel FERGERSON gave the selection, "Jim." Miss Rhoda SEED responded to an encore by giving "My Sister." The Thursday morning session of the reunion was opened by an address of welcome on behalf of the citizens delivered in an able and pleasing manner by W. C. BLAIR, as the representative of Mayor WILLIAMS. The response was made by W. V. CHOISSER, of Harrisburg, who inlisted in the 60th when he was yet a boy less than 14 years of age. He gave a rapid sketch of the government from its foundation up to the organization of the 60th, and from that time new history was made on which he dwelt with eloquence showing the part in which his regiment took. A warm and enthusiastic welcome of address on behalf of the citizens and the G. A. R. was made by Gen. C. W. PAVEY, who never fails to please the old veterans. He moves his audience to tears and laughter at will. Judge S. L. DWIGHT, of Centralia, responded and said that in old Jefferson he felt almost as much at home as he does in Marion County which was at one time a part of Jefferson. He spoke of the first war meeting held in this city in which a spirit of love for ones country was never more beautifully and effectually shown. The oldest member of the 60th present was James STULL, of Dahlgren, who is 88 years of age; there were also present four "of the boys" who are 57 (77?) past. The association feels very much indebted to Mrs. Norman H. MOSS and Mrs. W. C. BLAIR, who attended to the registering of the members of the regiment and visitors. F. L. FERGERSON was re-elected president and Wm. HENDRICKSON, of Marion, was re-elected adjuant. The business meeting was concluded by selecting Mt. Vernon for the next reunion. The following members were in attendance: H. J. FULLER, Co. A, age 66, Marion, Ill. J. A. PUCKETT, Co. I, age 61, Bonnie. John R. BAKER, Co. E, age 58, Ozark, Ill. F. L. FERGERSON, Co. C., age 63, Mt. Vernon. Thos. McCLINTOCK, Co. E., age 59, Murphysboro. T. C. MOSS, Co. C., age 60, Mt. Vernon. W. R. McDANIEL, Co. D, age 60, McLeansboro. William THARP, Co. D, age 63, Belle Rive. J. M. MINOR, Co. C, age 61, Mt. Vernon. James STULL, Co. C, age 88, Dahlgren. William J. DORSEY, Co. C, age 72, Richview. C. N. BAUGH, Co. D, age 55, Opdyke, R. R. #2. W. W. ROGERS, Co. C, age 29, Howell, Ind. Chas. DEICHMAN, Co. I, age 70, Mt. Vernon, R. R. #5. T. B. FORD, Co. B, age 61, Mt. Vernon, R. R. #9. W. M. FULLER, Co. C, age 62, Woodlawn. T. J. BULLOCK, Co. C, age 63, Drivers. John R. MOSS, Co. C, age 75, Mt. Vernon. S. L. DWIGHT, Co. I, age 68, Mt. Vernon. J. R. ALLEN, Co. C, age 68, Mt. Vernon. William BOLEN, Co. I, age 59, Macedonia Leander JOHNSON, Co. C, age 70, Mt. Vernon. Fayette LIVESAY, Co. C., age 59, Centralia. T. M. WILKEY, Co. D, age 57, Dahlgren. W. V. CHOISSER, Co. D, age 57, Harrisburg. G. B. BECKHAM, Co. B, age 65, Mt. Vernon, R. R. #8 Alexander SMART, Co. H, age 65, Quincy. S. M. BROWN, Co. B, age 60, Nashville. H. R. TYLER, Co. C, age 70, Mt. Vernon. J. V. WARD, Co. C, age 73, Mt. Vernon, R. R. #2. W. H. RUPERT, Co. D, age 64, Centralia. John C. KIRK, Co., B, age 63, Ina, R. R. #2. Jessie B. RICH, Co. G, age 68, Mt. Vernon. J. P. COURTNY, Co. C, age 63, Nashville. I. M. ASBURY, Co. H, age 57, McLeansboro. J. M. FOWLER, Co. E, age 57, Crab Orchard. A. N. WEBB, Co. K, age 63, Creal Springs. S. H. SIMMONS, Co. K, age 65, Tunnel Hill. C. E. HALE, Co. I, age 60, Bonnie, R. R. #2. Lee BROOKS, Co. D, age 60, Mt. Vernon. Thomas REDBURN, Co. G, age 63, Bluford, R. R. #3. J. J. MAXEY, Co. G, age 73, Wichata, Kans. J. W. CLARK, Co. I, age 65, Mt. Vernon. Jas. N. FERGERSON, Co. C, age 65, Mt. Vernon. The list of visitors is about the same as the number of members of the 60th. The state from which they were enlisted was neglected, but the company, regiment and address are given: W. M. MASTERS, Co. F, 44th, Mt. Vernon. John A. WALL, Co. I, 44th, Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Harriet SATTERFIELD, Co. A., 110th, Mt. Vernon. B. M. LAUR, Co. K, 49th, Sheller, Ill. G. M. CARROLL, Co. I, 49th, Richview, Ill. James LEMON, Co. K, 49th, Sheller. J. A. EPPERSON, Co. G, 15th, Belle Rive, Illinois. Robt. T. WRIGHT, Co. B, 66th, age 58, Sheller. Wm. PORTER, Co. H, 6th, age 75, Belle Rive. J. T. DILLINGHAM, Co. E, 80th, age 76, Mt. Vernon. Chas. W. TABER, Co. F, 111th, age 65, Mt. Vernon. Arch DODSON, Co. A, 111th, age 68, Mt. Vernon. Lewis BOND, Co. F & G, 18th & 13th, age 75, Quincy, Ill. E. C. WAFER, Co. D, 75th, age 65, Mt. Vernon. Maj. J. P. CROOKER, 12th Tenn. Cav., age 64, Mt. Vernon. Jesse BENNETT, Co. I, 3rd Ill. Cav., age 58, Mt. Vernon, R. R. #1. Andrew E. KIRK, Co. E, 155th, age 58, Bonnie, R. R. #1. E. M. WALKER, Co. G, 62nd, age 64, Mt. Vernon. T. D. FOWDLE, Co. E, 2nd Minn., age 64, Mt. Vernon. W. A. JOHNSTON, Co. E, 3rd Cav, age 69, Bonnie, R. R. #1. C. C. McBRIAN, Co. G, 21st, age 62, Bonnie. J. W. GARRISON, Co. D, 140th, age 66, Mt. Vernon, R. R. #5. W. B. PORTER, Co. D, 20th Ky, age 78, Dahlgren, Ill. J. C. MAXEY, Co. I, 58th, age 78, Mt. Vernon. W. J. BLEDSOE, Co. A., 110th, age 77, Mt. Vernon. Madison BOLIN, Co. G, 81st, age 52, Mt. Vernon. James H. EDWARDS, Co. E, 65th, age 62, Belle Rive. S. W. WESTBROOK, Co. C, 15th Cav., age 77, Mt. Vernon. Wm. TEDROW, Co. A, 99th, age 62, Mt. Vernon, R. R. #7. G. M. Hunt, Co. E, 80th, age 63, Mt. Vernon. Clem BRUCE, Co. I, 44th, age 58, Mt. Vernon. Willis JAMES, Co. C, 101th, age 63, Mt. Vernon. B. C. STRATTAN, Co. G., 12th, age 64, Mt. Vernon. C. R. DAVISSON, Co. G, 12th, age 62. Syl FOSTER, Co. D, 151st, age 55, O. V. I., Mt. Vernon. Samuel O. SHEW, Co. F, 22d, age 68, Mt. Vernon. T. H. SEED, Co. A, 63rd Ill., age 62, Mt. Vernon. R. S. JOHNSON, Co. H, 13th Ill. Cav., age 59, Macedonia, Ill. A. J. BALDRIDGE, Co. N, 80th, age 62. Geo. WHITSELL, Co. I, 154, age 62, Richview. Jas. L. MEADOWS, Co. B, 140th, age 64, Macedonia.


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