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    Date of Newspaper - Father/Mother - Sex - Date of Birth
    01 Jan    Dana CROWDER   30 Dec 1902 (mother)
    05 Jan    W. B. WHITE   02 Jan 1903
    07 Jan    Harl MARTIN (F)   01 Jan 1903
    14 Jan    Norman LYMAN (M)   
    20 Jan    John F. POWERS (M) 16 Jan 1903
    26 Jan    Will FORSYTHE    (M)  24 Jan 1903  (Name: Milton Dewey Forsythe)
    27 Jan    Frank HALBROOK  (F) 
    28 Jan    A. L. FOUTCH (M) 26 Jan 1903
    29 Jan    Sam BOSWELL (M)
    03 Feb    John TAWNEY (F) 02 Feb 1903
    11 Feb    Lawrence MALONE 10 Feb 1903
              T. J. HOLTSCLAW (F)
    07 Feb    Bly REECE (F) 16 Feb 1903
    20 Feb    D. M. WYLIE (M) (Name: Donald McKenzie)
    24 Feb    Alva HENRY (F)
              John WILLIAMS (M)
    05 Mar    Arthur W. SHAW & Kate YOST (F) 28 Feb 1903
    10 Mar    Charles W. HUNT (M)
    14 Mar    Will HUTCHISON (M) 14 Mar 1903
    17 Mar    Jasper WILLIAMS (M) 17 Mar 1903
    20 Mar    Gabe JINES (M) 20 Mar 1903
    21 Mar    E. S. DODSON (M) 20 Mar 1903
    24 Mar    M/M Pearl LEGGE (F)
    27 Mar    Charles HARRIS (M) 26 Mar 1903
    28 Mar    Wilford & Katherine Fitzgerrell JESSUP (M)
    06 Apr    Walter COLLINS (M) 05 Apr 1903
    07 Apr    Elmer HELVY (M)
    13 Apr    John W. PERRY (F) 11 Apr 1903
    17 Apr    M/M Herman WETZEL of Howell, IN (F)
    29 Apr    M/M Will REDMAN (M)
    02 May    M/M Gus LEFFLER (F) 01 May 1903
    05 May    M/M W. E. AYERS of Perks, IL (M) 01 May 1903
    08 May    M/M Chas. HEAD (M) 04 May 1903
    13 May    Bob MOSS (M)
    20 May    M/M Henry TILTMAN (F) 19 May 1903
    08 Jun    Albert H. WHEELER (Deacon) (F) 07 Jun 1903
    24 Jun    Lee HARRIS (F)
    27 Jun    M/M Chas. BURNETT (M) 26 Jun 1903
    03 Jul    M/M W. W. DILLINGHAM (F) 01 Jul 1903
    06 Jul    Dr/M Letcher IRONS (M&F) Twins 04 Jul 1903
                M/M Perry PATTERSON (M&F) 03 Jul 1903
    07 Jul    M/M W. WAUSON
    14 Jul    Henry BROWN (F)
              M/M Noel MASON (M)
    15 Jul    M/M W. A. KELLER (M)
    17 Jul    M/M James DALE (M)
    19 Aug    M/M Claude STEWART (F) 20 Aug 1903?
    20 Aug    M/M C. C. POTTS (M) 19 Aug 1903
    09 Sep    M/M Guy SUMMERS 07 Sep 1903
    16 Sep    M/M Ira MANNEN (F) 12 Sep 1903
    19 Sep    M/M W. B. PHILLIPS F 18 Sep 1903
    23 Sep    Isaac QUINN (M)
              M/M Albert FRED (M)
    25 Sep    John AYERS (M) 23 Sep 1903
              M/M Luke BORDER (F) 24 Sep 1903
    02 Oct    M/M Wm. ATCHINSON (M) 30 Sep 1903
    06 Oct    Charles & Lydia Stauffer BISHOP (M) 05 Oct 1903
    07 Oct    M/M Joe LAUR (F)
              Jim CUNNINGHAM (F)
    25 Nov    M/M Robert BEAN (F)
    02 Dec    M/M Albert BRANSON (F) 30 Nov 1903
    03 Dec    M/M A. L. WARREN (F)
    09 Dec    C. T. BOUDINOT (M)
    10 Dec    M/M Harley DARE (M) 09 Dec 1903
    16 Dec    M/M A. V. NELSON (F)
    30 Dec    M/M Charlie STEWARD (M)
              M/M Philip SHUCKMAN (F) 26 Dec 1903

    September 3, 1903 Mt. Vernon Daily Register
    Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
    Oct 20, 1997

    Warrant Sworn Out for Jess Pickett, Charged With the Offense 

    A warrant was sworn out Thursday morning by Frank Wangler charging Jess Pickett with the abduction of his 16 year old sister, Annie.   Pickett lives in Moore's Prairie, in the same neighborhood where the Wangler's reside. He came to town Wednesday and called at the residence of Theo. Stelle, where Miss Mary Wangler resides and asked to see her. The request was granted and he informed Miss Wangler that her folks were sick and he had come to take her home. She was very much surprised at this, as she had had no previous information as to their sickness. However, she refused to go home, and during her conversation remarked that her sister would be in town Wednesday afternoon with Mail Carrier Stockard. Pickett took a cue from this information and went to the vicinity of the postoffice to await the arrival of Mr. Stockard. He was soon rewarded by seeing him arrive with Miss Annie Wangler in charge. On some pretext he got the young lady in his buggy with him and they made a tour around town, trying to secure a place for her to work. Several persons agreed to take her, but for some reason she did not stop with any of them. Later they drove out of town, and stopped with a family by the name of Huston a short distance north of town. The family did not know of the designs of Pickett, so a nice story he had made up to tell them was accepted. About 10 o'clock Wednesday night Officers Irvin and Brown, who had been searching for the girl, located her at the Huston place and brought her back to the city. When one of the Huston boys learned of Pickett's intentions he gave him a good thrashing.   The officers had no warrant for Pickett Wednesday night, and for that reason did not arrest him.   It is claimed by Miss Annie that Pickett made indecent proposals to her while driving out of town.   Pickett is a man of fifty years or more and little feeling should be exercised for him when he is caught and brought to trial. Miss Wangler is just sixteen years of age, is a pleasant, agreeable and innocent girl and did not know what Pickett intended doing with her, and fear for her safety made her keep quiet after arriving at the Huston place. 

    The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - October 22, 1903 Week Ending Saturday October 17, 1903 Advertised Letters Miss Lizzie AHREM, E. ANDRE, Miss Myrtle C. ALLEN, Mrs. Millie ALLEN, Mrs. Allie BAKER, Arthur R. BELL, Wm. BUSSELL, John BUTLER, Thos. BULLOCK, Miss Bertha BURKE, D. A. CHRISTOPHER, Ada COCRON, Mitch COHEN, Floyd CULLY, Mrs. Fred DeBETT, Miss Minnie FERGERSON, James GESTON, Chas. R. GARRISON, Claude GILLASPIE, Alvin GOLDEN, Louie HANES, Mrs. Lem HALL, C. J. HUTZEN, Richard HICKS, Lida HOLBROOK, Clarence JAMES, Oma MAHLER, Mrs. Harry MAYON, Mrs. Cora MILLER, John W. MINIAN, Harry MYERS, Mrs. Etta OSBORN, Mrs. Stella PALMER, John A. PETIT, Miss Letha PIERCE, I. Herman PLEVKA, E. E. RUT, Mrs. Kate ROSS, Miss Pearl SUTTON, J. E. SMITH, Ethe SLEDGE, Pete STURRIE, Fred STINER, Mrs. Isaac THOMPSON, Dr. WELCH, Mrs. J. E. WHARTON, Mrs. W. WHITE, Miss Gertrude WIGHTMAN, Wade H. WILLIAMS, Daniel WOODS, Fourth Class Ed SCHNEIDER. When calling for any of these letters, please say "advertised." S. H. WATSON, P. M. Week Ending December 12, 1903 Advertised Letters Flora BOYCE, Lewis A. BORDER, C. C. BROWN, John COOPER, C. C. COLE, Dr. L. F. CUMMINGS, Tom H. DAILY, Miss May DAVIDSON, C. W. DUNCAN, Chas. E. FALLARS, Geo. GARRISON, A. V. GIPSON, J. A. GREGORY, Jess HALE, J. H. HARRIS, Wm. I. HOW, W. M. HOENBECK, Frank J. HOLTEN, M. C. HUNTER, Retta ING, A. C. JONES, I. C. JONES, S. E. KIRKMAN, W. P. LOWRY, Charlon LOWRY, Lillie McCORMACK, R. MURRAY, Harley PAGE, Edna RICHARDS, Fred SCHIABLE, Miss Jos. SMITH, Chas. B. SMITH, Miss Martha WHITE, Mr. and Mrs. Fred WILLBY, Jeff WINCHESTER, Frank SOULTON. Week Ending Saturday December 19th, 1903 Advertised Letters Samuel ATKINSON, Russell BEARD, W. S. CARDWELL, Miss Ada COCKROM, A. L. DAHME, H. L. ESTES, L. W. FELLOW, W. G. GARRISON, Mrs. Friffie GROVES, Mrs. Mary GRAY, John GRAMMER, T. B. HARPER, J. P. HOWARD, Henry JONES, L. W. KANE, Miss Minnie KINCAID, Miss Annie KNIGHT, Charley LANDON, John LATHAM, Dr. H. LAPLIORN, Mrs. Macie LEE, Mrs. Geo. LORIE, Jas. McMEEN, Mrs. M. A. MacDONALD, Miss Beulah McCLANAHAN, Mrs. Callie MYERS, Mrs. Bessie PERRY, Mrs. W. M. PEARSON, Wm. RAVENSCROFT, Adam SMITH, W. W. STARKS, Charlie STANTON, Mrs. Viola SUMMERS, Oscar TANQUARY, C. F. THOMPSON, C. P. TROUT, Charles OWERT, Miss Maggie WILSON, J. M. WYANT. The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - December 5, 1903 A Historical Farm W. T. GOODRICH, who has been in Moore's Prairie this week, tells some interesting things about the old house on the Nath ATCHINSON farm. The house is 75 years old, and stands as a land mark in the prairie. It was built when Indian surprises were quite common. Mr. ATCHINSON's father, when he enlisted in the Mexican War, called the family around him and told them how to get rid of the Indians in case of an attack. There being only one small door, which was so made that it would have been impossible for the Indians to gain entrance through, they would look for the next best place, which was the large fireplace chimney, and down they would go in regular Santa Claus style. "Now children," said the father, "if the Indians should come, bar the door, then take a feather bed, tear it open, put a few feathers on the fire, few at a time, and this will smoke them out: be careful how you use your feathers." The plan was successfully carried out many times. In the old house is a pair of buck horns that were placed over the door when the house was built, and today they still serve as a gun rack, brown as murschaum and highly prized for more than one reason. It was on this farm that the balloon fell which escaped from near Dix, and with it the HARVEY children. This incident happened more than 40 years ago, but is yet a bright spot in the minds of many. It has become one of the events in the history of Jefferson County.


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