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Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) - June 10, 1891

20th Annual Pioneer Association Meeting (Old Settlers) - 
Report of deaths of pioneers of the county or those who had 
formerly resided hereat, since the last meeting, the following 
names were reported.

James M. GALBRAITH, died November 17, 1890, aged 63y10m24d
Jehu G. D. MAXEY, died January 19, 1891, aged 76y10m3d
Elder William T. WILLIAMS, died November 19, 1890, aged 80y5m21d
Warner WHITE, died September 21, 1890, aged 89y4m
Anna MOSS, died October 21, 1890, aged 92y5m15d
John LOWERY, died aged about 90 years
William H. SUMMERS, died 1891, aged about 70 years
William SCRIVNER, aged about 85 years
Iona FOSTER, aged about 88 years
James F. CALDWELL, aged about 70 years
Nancy J. GASTON, died May 1, 1891
Henry YOUNG, aged about 75 years.


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