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The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - January 1, 1890


The REGISTER has had a healthy payment of subscriptions during 
the month just closed and a goodly number of new subscribers 
added to its list. There are scores of other readers in arrears 
whose accounts we should like very much to close up during this 
month. The following payments have been made during December: 
(I will not give the amount, only name and address)

C. W. Pavey, Springfield
Geo. Stonecipher (new)
James R. Drivers, Drivers
John D. Telford, Walnut Hill
Thomas L. Moss, Mt. Vernon
John Gibson, Mt. Vernon
Eliza C. Rutherford, Mt. Vernon
Mack Guthrie (new), Mt. Vernon
C. H. Gaver (new), Brookfield, Mo.
Mrs. E. J. Beardin, Mt. Vernon
C. H. Robinson, Mt. Vernon
A. W. Patton, Mt. Vernon
Robert L. Lacey, Woodlawn
H. Hutchcraft (new), Mt. Vernon
H. W. Seimer, Mt. Vernon
Mary Gibson, Lincoln, Neb.
J. H. Fisher, Irvington, Ill.
W. H. Damon, Mt. Vernon
Jno. H. Ward, Kerrolle, Texas
L. E. Smith, Dix, Ill.
W. C. Garrison, Mt. Vernon
J. C. Copple, Walnut Hill
Luther Bond (new), Mt. Vernon
Wm. A. Davis, Mt. Vernon
Wm. Lemmon, Elk Prairie
Louis Seward, Mt. Vernon
R. F. Smith, Dryden, Ill.
W. L. Jurkins, Tamaroa
A. Marlow, Marlow
C. A. Pace, Albion, Ill.
J. L. Valentine, Mt. Vernon
T. A. Patton, Walnut Hill
E. E. Jarrett, Mt. Vernon
Russell Brown (new), Opdyke
W. S. Marlow, Pigeon
Isaac F. Jones (new), Cheyenne Wells, Colorado
J. H. Daly, Mt. Vernon
Wm. Jackson, Mt. Vernon
G. G. Smith, Mt. Vernon
E. J. Winton (new), St. Francis, Arkansas
Chas. P. Smith, Woodlawn
Richard Nooner, Moore's Prairie
Estes Bros., Opdyke
Isaac Hill (new), Rosewood, Ill.
J. D. Summers, Los Angeles, California
F. E. Patton, Mt. Vernon
A. M. Pace, Longton, Kansas
M. B. Atkins, Fitzgerrell, Ill.
Gay Vincenz, Woodlawn
Otis Gibson, Pittsburg, Pa.
A. J. Cook, Mt. Vernon
Dennison Foster, Opdyke
B. W. Mitchell, Mt. Vernon
Suel Tucker, Pigeon
C. W. Ragan, Mt. Vernon
S. A. Davis, Spring Garden
Smith Johnson, Mt. Vernon
R. L. Strattan, Mt. Vernon
R. P. Moyer, Mt. Vernon
Alonzo Morrow, Fairfield, Kansas
Mrs. Belle Maxey (new), Pierce City, Mo.
J. T. Carr, Evansville, Indiana
Dr. Benard, Spring Garden
Ed T. Hobbs, Mt. Vernon
J. P. Crooker, Mt. Vernon
C. A. Baker (new), Belle Rive
Miss Cora Yearwood (new), Mt. Vernon
C. M. Casey, Mt. Vernon
Rev. M. A. Casey, Maumee, Ohio
Mrs. Black Allen, Mt. Vernon
Dr. T. P. Hubbell (new), Wolcott, Vermont
Lou Karcher, Shawneetown, Ill.
J. E. Fergerson, Mt. Vernon
Wm. Bumpus, Bumpus, Ill.
R. W. Lyon, Mt. Vernon
Elijah Marteeny, Mt. Vernon
C. V. Holcomb, Mt. Vernon
H. J. Armour, Mt. Vernon
A. F. Taylor, Mt. Vernon
Jeremiah Taylor, Mt. Vernon
Geo. W. Evans, Mt. Vernon
C. D. Ham, Mt. Vernon
R. A. D. Wilbanks, Chicago
Mrs. F. E. Key, Mt. Vernon
James A. Key, St. Cloud, Minnesota
W. C. Branham (new), Kansas City, Mo.

The Mt. Vernon, IL Register 
January 1, 1890

Mr. T. P. HUBBELL, who for the past twenty years has 
associated with our people and transacted business with 
them, left Tuesday morning for his old home in Wolcott, 
Vermont, where he expects to pass the remainder of his days.  
He feelingly alluded to the numerous friendships formed, 
the pleasant experiences and happy associations with Mt. 
Vernon people among whom he once intended to live and die.

Nancy COCKRUM, the oldest inhabitant of Spring Garden Township, 
died on Christmas Day at the age of 88 years. On the day before 
Christmas Louis BEVIS, aged 31 years, a resident of Cub Prairie 
in the same township died, leaving a wife and two children.  
Mrs. TUCKER, another resident of Spring Garden, died the same day, 
and a child of Mrs. Richard HAYES, of the same vicinity, died 
within the same week, making four funerals in Spring Garden 
Township during Christmas week.

It is not often that a community is called upon to mourn the 
loss of three such prominent citizens in so short a space of 
time as Elk Prairie suffers in the loss of men like J. J. FITZJERRELL, 
Uncle Billy WELLS and John WILBANKS.  All of them were men of high 
character, superior judgment and extended information. If the community 
did not appreciate them when alive, it will not be long in learning 
the fact that the loss of such men is a detriment to the entire community 
in which they lived.  Their advice and assistance has helped many a 
neighbor over a hard place who will hereafter have to rely upon his 
own judgment.

Miss Florence WILBANKS and Robert WILBANKS, of San Antonio, Texas, 
and R. A. D. WILBANKS, of Chicago, arrived last Friday to attend 
the funeral of John WILBANKS.

Mr. George B. LEONARD and wife, John Branham and wife, John Cleveland 
and wife, and W. C. Branham attended the Masonic dinner at Opdyke last 
Friday, and report an enjoyable occasion.

Shawnee News - Miss Gertie POOL, who has been spending a fortnight 
at Mt. Vernon, IL, leaves that city today, in company with Miss Mattie HAM, 
to spend a month at Helena, Ark.

Mr. William D. GOODRICH and Miss Mary F. GOWENLOCK, both of this city, 
were married in Mattoon on Thursday, December 26th.  We understand they 
will make their home in this city.

Shiloh Column - N. H. MOSS Sundayed at pa's house.  John FYKE is busy 
looking up his country cousins.  Miss Nona LATHAM spent Sunday with 
Pet JOHNSON.  Prof. TURNER, of Vandalia, is visiting at the home of 
Capt. MOSS.  P. M. JOHNSON and wife are visiting with T. L. MOSS and 
others.  John BURNS and Miss Lilly BROOM, of Mt. Vernon, visited in 
Shiloh Sunday.  The oyster supper on Friday night at the home of 
Doug MOSS was a grand success.  T. C. MOSS and family spent Sunday 
with Lee JOHNSON's, and will move to their new home Monday.

The Christmas Tree at Union Chapel was a grand success.  The house 
was crowded long before dark, and everybody was happy and good natured.  
Mr. W. J. GARRISON as chairman, the exercises began with prayer by 
Mr. Nepp. GREEN, and singing by the Zion and Union Chapel choirs.  
Then an address by Mr. J. J. WILLIAMS; also one by Father HILLIARD, 
of Zion.  Declamations by the Misses Alta WHITLOCK, Maggie FROST, 
Florence PRICE, Rosa PRICE, Josie DARNELL, Mollie GREEN, Lillie DARNELL, 
Maggie ELLIS, and Mrs. Ann KIRK, and Messrs. Edgar BROWN, Pearl BROWN, 
Elmer WHITLOCK, and Bertie KYLE.  Master Harley WHITLOCK acquitted himself 
creditably, his little Tommy Tucker brought down the house.  After several 
hours spent in listening to music, singing and declamations, Kriss Kringle 
put in an appearance with a jingle of bells.  Old Kriss was attired in fur, 
with a huge fur cap covering his snowy locks.  The jolly old fellow began 
distributing the gifts with which the beautiful tree was loaded.  None 
were forgotten - old and young.  There were drums, wheelbarrows, tops, 
knives, balls, bugles and toys of all descriptions for the children and 
candy in abundance.  The older folks received more substantial gifts.  
About midnight, Old Kriss had disposed of all his presents, the crowd 
went home, declaring it was one of the happiest Christmas Eves they 
had ever spent.

Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) - January 29, 1890

Southern Illinois Insane Asylum - 
Report as to Jefferson County, IL Patients - 
The Superintendent of the Southern Illinois Insane Asylum makes 
the following report concerning the condition of the patients from 
this county on the lst day of January. 
(first is the physical condition and second is the mental condition)

Margaret E. LOOMIS, admitted July 2, 1876; good, incurable
Vincent WOOD, admitted August 21, 1876; good, incurable
James McCLELLAN, admitted October 26, 1877; good, incurable
Julia C. PATTERSON, admitted December 26, 1887; good, incurable
Sarah SADDLER, admitted August 17, 1881; good, incurable
William M. ORD, admitted June 3, 1884; fair, unimproved
Silas FARLOW, admitted June 25, 1884; good, recovered, 
discharged September 30, 1889
William R. BENNETT, admitted February 9, 1885; fail, unimproved
Zacharva PRESTON, admitted March 18, 1885; fair, unimproved
Charles BLACK, admitted September 23, 1886; fair, unimproved
Barbara RANGE, admitted September 28, 1886; good, incurable
Arletta CORNSTUBBLE, admitted April 29, 1887; good, incurable
James E. EUBANKS, admitted April 6, 1887; fair, unimproved, 
discharged December 31, 1889, removed my friends.
Eldorus J. PACE, admitted April 12, 1887; fair, unimproved
Roland S. SCOTT, admitted June 12, 1887; fair, unimproved
William STEWART, admitted March 15, 1889; fair, unimproved
John WELLS, admitted March 20, 1889; good, unimproved
Edwina BROCKHAM, admitted August 2, 1889, fair, improved, 
discharged December 30, 1889, removed by husband
Mary BATKE, admitted April 1, 1889; fair, not improving
Burch CHRISMAN, admitted April 1, 1869 (1889?); good, improved

Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) - June 11, 1890 Old Settlers 19th Annual Meeting Held on June 7, 1890. Report of pioneer deaths since the last annual meeting. Polly FROST, April 22 Thomas L. MOSS, April 22 Wiley PRIGMORE, May 25 George PUCKETT, no date Betsy ATCHISON, January 31 D. C. JONES, May 24 Lemuel LEFFINGWELL, March 24 Hiram WILLIAMS, April 10 Willis A. KELLER, May 18 Malinda CARPENTER, no date John WILSON, April 25 William WARD, February Mary J. VAUGHN, Dec. 4 Eleanor ROGERS, no date John WILBANKS, Dec. 25 Elizabeth E. WILBANKS, May 17 Jas. J. WILLIAMS, March 2 Mahala STANLEY, Nov. 10 Richard J. JARRELL, May James J. FITZGERRELL, July 2 Richard GRANT, no date Samuel K. LATHAM, July 2 Chloa SINGLETON, May 11 Samuel T. PACE, Dec. 23 Nancy COCKRUM, Dec. 25 Phineas BOYD, Feb. Mary A. DAVISON, July, aged 84 William BUMPUS, August Sidney DUNBAR, no date Wesley YOST, January 20 Rural J. VAUGHN, no date George W. ATCHISON, no date Francis FARLOW, April James W. LEUTY, no date Jane LEUTY, no date Waldo GILBERT, May 8 John R. SATTERFIELD, Oct 7, 1887 John N. SATTERFIELD, July 18 Samuel HIGHSMITH, Dec. 8 Patrick PRESLEY, March 4 Ignatius ATCHISON, July Elias SMITH, Nov. 11, aged about 94 Julia Emma WILLIAMS, nee Fergerson, Feb. 18


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