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    Mt. Vernon Register - Weekly - July 18, 1888 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta
    Drivers Column 1888 Ann SMITH has the brain fever in his head. Mr. Orville PHILLIPS of Centralia, visited Polly WINTERS Sunday. Miss Lizzie McGILL is highly pleased with the attractions of out little city. Mr. WARNER D. MAXEY, of Shiloh, was in town Monday on business with C. E. PULCIPHER. Esquire DRIVER spends most of his time at home. He is suffering from the effects of a sunstroke received a few years ago. Jack BLANTON paid Mrs. FISHER a matrimonial visit last Saturday evening, which promises to be quite fruitful in its results. Many persons are shipping blackberries from this place to Chicago, some having realized $1.50 per crate net profit. Among the heaviest shippers are J. W. ANDRECK and Bud PEARCY of Woodlawn. Miss Wealth LOUTH, of Mt. Vernon, who has been visiting her cousin, Mr. PULCIPHER, returned home Saturday evening. She speaks of returning to spend the remainder of the not season with us. Mrs. Dr. EDINGTON in company with Miss Nellie LACEY and Miss Lucy HAUSS, of Woodlawn, drove through our town Sunday on their route homeward, having spent the day pleasantly with Shilohites. Nearly all our citizens visited Centralia or Chicago the 4th. One of our young ladies who was expecting to visit the latter place on that day, arrived at the depot in time to see the train pull out; she resolved to overtake it, which she did just as it arrived at Boyd's Station, six miles above here. This shows what kind of stuff the Drivers girls are made of. We thought every man, woman and child in Jefferson County knew just where Glory's Bend is and why it is so called. Owing to the recent land purchase in this locality by J. W. ANDRECK and other large land buyers, this bend has gained an almost world-wide name. It contains about 320 acres of fine alluvial bottom land, which bids fair to become the best part of our city. At present Dr. PEAVLER owns 20 acres, and having sold his horse to James BRUCE for lumber he will now erect one of the finest residences in this city. Ann SMITH and George BLAIR have a feather renovater and apple dryer just south of Doc's lot and fronting on Watson Avenue. The remainder belongs to J. R. DRIVER and is for sale by his agent, Thomas KING. The Allendale correspondent will be escorted around this bend next Sunday evening by a committee appointed by the Mayor for that purpose.


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