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Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) March 18, 1885

Asylum Children - A company of children, mostly boys, aged from 7 to 15 years, 
from the New York Juvenile Asylum, will arrive at Mt. Vernon at the Commercial 
Hotel Thursday morning March 26th. Homes are wanted for them with families where 
they will receive kiind treatment and fair advantages. They may be taken on trial 
for several weeks, and afterward, if all parties are suited, they will be indentured 
until of age. Person desiring to take these children on trial are requested to meet 
them at the Commercial Hotel Thursday March 26th.  They will remain only one day.

E. Wright, Agent

Mt. Vernon Register - Mt. Vernon, IL - June 10, 1885

DEAD PIONEERS....The following is an abstract of my annual 
report of deaths to the Jefferson Co. Pioneer Association, 
June 6, 1885, residence given by number of townships. 
James M. Pace, Sec.

(Death date, name, township & range, nationality, age, number of years in county.)

1. May 25, Lucinda Gaston......1-1, Ga., 76, 70
2. Jun 13, Martha Sanders......2-3, ..., 70, ...
3. Jul 25, Susanna Johnson.....2-3, S.C., 90, 51
4. Jul 29, Nancy J. Atkinson...2-3, Tenn, 61,*30
5. Jul 31, Nancy Adams.........3-3, Tenn, 67, 50
6. Aug 29, Temp. A. Puffer.....1-2, Ill., 54, 54
7. Aug 31, Jordan Tyler........2-2, Tenn, 72, 65
8. Sep 10, Margaret Fisher.....1-1, Ill., 43, 43
9. Sep 23, Nancy J. Cofield....4-4, Ill.,*50,*50
10. Sep 26, Elizabeth O. Davis..2-3, Ill., 43, 43
11. Sep 29, Elizabeth Atchison..1-3, Ill., 43, 41
12. Oct 31, Ann F. Butler.......2-4, Ill., 35, 35
13. Nov 03, Samuel Hunter.......3-1, Pa., 84, 44
14. Nov 11, Benj. F. Clifton....2-4, Tenn,*55,*30
15. Nov 12, Seth Arnold.........3-3, Ill., 56, 56
16. Nov 14, Elizabeth Hunter....3-4, Md., 83, ...
17. Nov 17, Wm. A. Boggs........1-2, Ill., 51, 51
18. Nov 26, Wm. Weatherford.....2-2, Ill.,*45,*45
19. Nov 28, Sarah A. Donohoo....1-4, Ill.,*55,*55
20. Dec 05, Ann L. Vincenz......2-1, ...., .., ...
21. Dec 16, William Snow........1-2, Ind., 62, 40
21½. Dec 17, Riley Kell..........1-3, Ill., 62, 62
22. Dec 21, Mary Johnson........2-3, Ind., 81, 53
23. Dec 24, William B. Casey.... .., Ill.,*62,*62
24. Dec 26, Eli Bullock.........1-2, Tenn, 69, 45
25. Jan 30, John Brookman.......2-3, Tenn,*55, 30
26. Feb 03, Wm. M. A. Maxey..... .., Tenn, 73, 65
27. Feb 14, Lucinda Carpenter...1-2, Ill., 72, 72
28. Feb 15, John C. Pigg........2-3, Tenn, 60, 50
29. Feb 15, Elizabeth Joins.....4-3, Ill., .., ...
30. Feb .., Samuel Brookman.....1-4, Va., 72, 30
31. Feb 25, John Vanatta........2-2, Tenn, .., ...
32. Feb 26, John W. Hitchcock...2-3, N.J., 76, ...
33. Mar 08, Nancy W. Howell.....2-4, ...., 58, ...
34. Mar 18, Peter Brown.........1-3, Ir'd, 63, ...
35. Mar 21, Abbey Copple........1-2, Ind., 68, 50
36. Mar 29, Samuel K. Allen.....2-4, Ala., 64, 60
37. Mar 30, Marion Roper........1-1, Ill., 60, 50
38. Apr 07, Henry L. Hayes......3-3, Tenn, 60,*46
39. May 04, J. Schnodschmidt....3-4, Ger., 62, ...
40. May 11, Henry J. Holtsclaw..2-2, Ky., 79, 58
41. May 13, Newton C. Pace......2-3, Ill., 48, 48
42. May 18, Samuel Schanck......2-3, N.J., 86, 45
43. May 25, Jos. C. Galbraith...2-2, Ill., 45, 45
44. May 28, Moses J. Jenkins....3-3, Tenn, 63,*35
45. May 29, Simeon Dare.........3-3, Ill.,*55,*55
46. ... .., Jas. A. Stansberry..4-2, Ill., 30, 30
*According to the best information...but are not sure.

Husband or wife and date of marriage of above persons, referred to by number.

1. William Gaston 
2. Rev. John Johnson, Aug. 10, 1814
4. E. M. Atkinson
5. Dr. W. Adams, Jan. 26, 1841
6. E. D. Puffer
7. Mary Ann Bunn (2d), Oct. 3?, 1845
8. William Fisher, Mar. 21, 1863
9. William Cofield, Sep. 22, 1853
10. William S. Davis, Feb. 16, 1859
11. William Atchinson, Mar. 11, 1862
12. T. H. C. Burter, Sep. 26, 1867
14. Harriett B. Grant
15. Malinda Wyatt, Jun. 03, 1858
17. Sarah E. McMillan, Oct. 06, 1852
21. Hannah Copple, Nov. 18, 1846
21½. Nancy Hillhouse, Jan. 25, 1842
22. Noah Johnston
23. Sarah G. Hamlin
25. Nancy J. Laird, Aug. 25, 1856
26. Edny Owens, Jan. 14, 1830
27. S. W. Carpenter, Mar. 7, 1833
28. Mary Newby, Mar. 15, 1849
29. James Jones, Jan. 1, 1845
33. Robards Howell (2d), Dec. 13, 1877
34. Nancy Gower, Mar. 13, 1866
35. William Copple; 36. Julia A. Barrett, Jun. 9, 1841
37. Miss Copple
38. Louisa Allen, Jan. 8, 1841
40. Elizabeth Johnson, Nov. 6, 1849
41. Annie L. Bogan, Oct. 7, 1837
42. Abigail Cole, Elgelina Wilson
43. Rebecca E. Gibbons, Nov. 13, 1865
44. Mrs. Wallace, nee Hicks

Adam C. Johnson, Historian, Exc.

Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) - December 9, 1885

G. A. R. (Grand Army of the Republic)
COLEMAN Post, No. 508, G.A.R., Dept. of Ill., meets at Odd Fellows'
Hall, Mt. Vernon, Ill., the second and fourth Thursday evenings in each
month. All comrades welcome. J. W. BAUGH, Com; H. L. ELLIS, Adjt.
A Post of the G.A.R. was organized at Belle Rive, Ill., last Thursday
of Coleman Post, Mt. Vernon, assisted by Comrades WATERS, HANK, WYRICK,
KIRKENDALL and NOONER, of BARBEE Post, Moore's Prairie. It will be
called the John W. SURSA Post. Sixteen members were mustered in, and
great interest was manifested by the new society. The following is the
muster roll.

J. L. BUCHANAN, Company K, 22d IL Inf.
A. KNIFFEN, Company D, 60th IL Inf.
T. STANLEY, Company F, 18th IL Inf.
Thos. A. JOHNSON, Company E, 80th IL
J. LEARNED, Company G, 40th IL
T. L. BOSWELL, Company G, 44th IL|
S. F. GRIMES, Company A, 48th IL
B. R. GILBERT, Company E, 7th IL Cav.
W. H. HUNTER, Company G, 37th IL
E. N. KARN, 80th IL
W. S. CHANEY, Company B, 9th TN Cav.
Jabez A. JOHNSON, Company D, 13th IL Cav.
Z. C. MAULDING, Company G, 40th IL
James R. BOSWELL, Company D, 13th IL Cav.
L. D. DAVENPORT, Company G, 31st IL
William PORTER, Company H, 6th IL Cav.
The following officers were elected for the first term:

W. H. HUNTER, Commander
S. F. GRIMES, S. V. C.
W. S. CHANEY, Surg.
L. L. DAVENPORT, Officer of Day
J. R. BOSWELL, Officer of Guard
Ed. N. KARN, S. M.
Thos. A. JOHNSON, Q. M. S.
After the organization of the Post, Gen. C. W. PAVEY was called for and
responded in a hearty and appropriate speech, which was appreciated by
the comrades. The visiting comrades are well pleased at the hospitable
manner in which they were treated by the Belle Rive boys.

Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) December 30, 1885 G. A. R. (Grand Army of the Republic) COLEMAN Post, No. 508, G.A.R., Dept. of Ill., meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, Mt. Vernon, Ill., the second and fourth Thursday evenings in each month. All comrades welcome. J. W. BAUGH, Com; H. L. ELLIS, Adjt. Daniel BARBEE Post, No. 537 meets at Wilbanks Hall, Moore's Prairie, on the 20th of each month. Special meetings held every Saturday. John W. SURSA Post N. 544 holds regular meetings at Masonic Hall, Belle Rive, Ill., on the first Saturday evenings after full moon. There was a fair attendance at the regular meeting of COLEMAN Post last Thursday evening nowithstanding the attractions elsewhere. As none of the senior officers were present at the opening, Comrade BOSWELL was chosen Commander pro tem. After reading of reports, etc., the committee on applications reported favorably on some 76 recruits. The following were found to be present at the outpost and being reported correct by the Q. M., they were duly elected and mustered as comrades: N. G. MORGAN, C. R. DAVIDSON, R. G. WAUD, Z. C. PACE, *W. S. Davis, J. N. FERGERSON, John A. WALL, Wm. COLEMAN, J. R. DRIVER, J. E. HUNT, James SWIFT, *W. H. GIVELER, *J. C. Branham, T. J. COVER, A. J. SMITH, Z. C. GALBRAITH, J. M. MICK, *Jas. A. WHITE, *R. F. MARTIN, John S. BROOKS, C. W. CHASTAIN, *T. H. HOBBS, J. W. BROWN, Elijah YEARGIN, *E. J. WATSON, George M. HUNT, H. T. WATERS, A. J. REED, B. F. BULLOCK, W. C. OAKLEY, S. B. HORTON, J. W. HAMBRIE, J. V. WARD, W. H. SUMMERS, *A. H. HENDRICKS, *G. W. Smith. *Elected, but not present for the muster. The following not being present are requested to report at the next meetin, January 14th. S. W. WESTBROOK, R. O. TAYLOR, S. D. C. DAVIS, John F. JOHNSON, John R. MOSS, Marion REDBURN, J. S. BAKER, W. H. HINMAN, A. F. FRAZIER, Mat. I. ROUGH, Thos. S. CASEY, J. R. MADDUX, M. BULLOCK, Z. P. SNYDER, Henry C. CRABB, Clem REECE, John W. SMITH, Francis RONEY, H. R. ALLEN, E. V. SATTERFIELD, Frank BURNETT, John C. BRAY, Thomas CABORN, J. W. CLARK, J. N. RUSSELL, A. B. BAKER, E. M. WALKER, D. W. ANDERSON, Geo. J. PETTIT, George WETSELL, W. L. TILMAN, W. C. PAGE, J. G. SOWERS, Wm. S. KITE, Isaac W. ROBINSON, G. B. BRADFORD, W. L. CROUCH, W. K. COLLINS, A. L. YEARWOOD, A. T. CASEY. On Saturday, Office of the Day, CROOKER and Adjutant ELLIS of the COLEMAN Post went to Belle Rive and installed the officers of John W. SURSA Post, No. 244, assisted in the muster recruits, and gave instructions in the work of the G. A. R. While there they were the guests of Commander Hunter and lady, and were entertained as well as one comrade knows how to treat another. The G. A. R. posts in this county are on a regular boom, and every old soldier should send his name to the nearest post and apply for admission.


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